Choosing the Right Coffee Vending: Location, Location, Location

coffee vending machine partsAs one of the most popular drinks in the world, coffee provides numerous health benefits, increases productivity and wakes up the drinker. This popularity, as well as the availability of reliable coffee vending machine parts, makes coffee vending a potentially lucrative option for many business owners. The location of hot drink machines, however, highly influences their profitability.

Think Outside the Box

Waiting rooms, office buildings, and convenience stores are typical locations of coffee vending machines. Here, consumers quickly access hot beverages whenever they want. Take temperature into consideration–hot laundromats and warm beaches, will not provide a lucrative income from hot coffee sales.

Alternative locations with public access give vending machine owners access to an even larger demographic, carve a niche and build profits. Airports, bus depots and shopping centers enjoy heavy foot traffic. Likewise, sports stadiums, public arenas and downtown areas serve as prime locations for coffee vending machines, particularly ones that offer gourmet selections like flavored creamers, espresso and lattes.

When deciding where to place a coffee vending machine, location plays a big role in profits. In fact, after ensuring the availability of drink machine parts, location should be the next consideration as the machine’s owner seeks to boost sales and profits.

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