Cleaning Your Vending Machine: Cold Food Machines

Keeping cold vending machines cleaned regularly helps ensure they function properly, maintaining food at the proper temperature and ensuring food dispenses the way it should.clean vending machine There’s also the visual appeal: Dirty or dusty machines are far less likely to be patronized than machines that look clean and well managed.

Here are a few guidelines to help keep your machines clean:

Open the machine and wipe down shelves, racks and any other vending machine part that looks dirty using a clean cloth dampened with warm water or a mild antibacterial cleaning solution.

Using a glass cleaner, wash the inside of the glass door and wipe off drips or streaks. To be sure the glass doesn’t become streaked or foggy, keep the door open long enough to make sure the glass is completely dry.

Wipe out the bottom of the machine as well as the dispensing tray, and pay special attention to any places here crumbs can build up or where liquids may collect, including liquid overflow areas. Once dirt and residue have been removed, wipe the area with a mild antibacterial solution and dry the area with a clean towel.

Finally, wipe down the outside of the machine including the keypads and coin dispenser.

Cleaning vending machines on a regular basis is a great way to avoid many of the operational problems dirty machines can experience. If your machine does fail to operate properly, contact us to learn about our repair services, including Mars vending machine repair.

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