Cleaning Your Vending Machine: Drink Machines

Drink vending can be a sticky business, and keeping your vending machines clean is essential to make them both attractive and functional for customers. These steps will keepclean vending machine your drink vending machine shining and functional.

1. Wipe down all movable parts. Open the machine to access the drink machine parts inside, and wipe down all arms and other movable parts with a damp, clean cloth and a little bit of antibacterial cleaning solution.

2. Clean the door. If the machine has a door that lets customers view inside, clean it with glass cleaner, and allow to dry completely. If the door does not allow customers to see inside, clean the outside to remove dirt, debris and finger tips.

3. Wipe down the nozzles on machines that dispense liquids, not bottles. One of the dirtiest coffee vending machine parts is the nozzle where the hot coffee comes out, so wipe this with a hot, wet cloth.

4. Clean the bottom. The bottom of the machine is where dirt and liquid build up. Clean it thoroughly, and don’t forget the opening where drinks are dispensed.

With proper attention, your vending machine will look like new after just a little bit of work. As an added bonus, these steps will keep soda vending machine parts in good working order, and give you the chance to inspect for problems.

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