Demand for Iced Coffee Increases

Coffee vending products

Most American adults drink coffee., an industry news website, reports that more adult American coffee drinkers are drinking iced coffee rather than hot coffee. Industry market research firm, Mintel, tracked the rate of iced drinks served in coffee specialty shops and restaurants in the United States.

In response to consumer demand, more restaurants, coffee shops and fast food businesses are serving iced coffee and specialty drinks. Between 2009 and the first quarter of 2013, iced beverage sales increased from 19% of menu items to 24%. This prompted many businesses that served iced coffee beverages, to add the drinks to their permanent menu, not just as a seasonal offering.

A higher number (38%) of young Americans between 18 and 24 drink iced beverages. The percentage of American adults who drink iced coffee is 2%.

The first office-quality iced coffee machine was released in 2008. In 2010, Keurig introduced the brew-over-ice theme. Major brands are creating products for the vending machine industry.

The office coffee service channels make these popular products available to the vending machine industry. Good marketing tactics require that companies have a supply of all necessary coffee vending machine parts. Profitable cold drink or other beverage sales depend on having the right drink machine parts or other vending machine parts. Having a supply of necessary parts on hand at all times is the key to supporting a steady stream of sales.

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