Free Vending For Your Office?

It is no mystery that in today’s competitive employee market, finding and keeping employees does have a lot to do with offering employee perks. No matter how small or large your business, keeping your employees happy is always on the priority list. What better way to keep employees happy than offering them free snacks and drinks they can enjoy throughout the day?

Benefits of free vending for your employees:

Low cost, high value.

Providing free vending machine offerings to your employees can seem trivial from the surface, but these little things are aspects of an employer-employee relationship that many people attribute value to. With a relatively low-cost threshold, this offering indicates to your employees that you value them, and are a generous employer.

Less hungry, less time away from tasks.

Productivity is not a new term, since the inception of employer-employee relationships, productivity has been in the mix. Being hungry is a very distracting state of being. Although an entire day of worth nutrition is not usually found in a vending machine, a free snack can certainly deter someone from nodding off into unproductive land.

Opportunity for nutrition education

Some may not jump to nutritional benefits when thinking of food from a vending machine, but in today’s age we now have the ability to provide healthy snacking options dispensed one at a time. It is far too easy to eat unhealthy when at the workplace. By providing healthy snacking options, you have the chance to educate your employees about the benefits of choosing a healthier snacking option, for free, while at the workplace.

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