Highlight Maintenance & Repair Solutions For Your Vending Machine

vanA smooth running vending machine promotes healthy options, quick customization and repeatable services. However, when quality machines require support, or when vending machine repairs are necessary, acquiring correct vending machine parts is important.

Snack and soda vending machine parts and repairs does not need to drain an individual’s—or company’s—equity and collections. A quality vending machine repair service is often delivered through professional service providers, and understanding the industry’s approach to machine repairs, installations and replacements is vital for prolonged services.

Protecting the Investment

Vending machines are incredibly lucrative investments. Universal Vending Consultants states a vending machines ROI at approximately one to two years, depending upon location.

Similarly, many vending machineissues have easy solutions when the issues are correctly identified.  Vending machines may experience technical difficulties in the following areas:

  • Jammed products
  • Mis-loaded products
  • Inoperable motors
  • Incorrect installation
  • Interior imbalance

Un-Jamming and Simple Solutions

While some cases may require a professional Service Technician to intervene, several problems may be cured on-sight by the Vending Operator. Jammed vending machines may be resolved through a simple re-organization/re-positioning of each item within its coil.

Contacting a Professional

Sometimes, vending machines are beyond the scope of the vendor operator and professional help is required. Often, industry maintenance providers are capable of restoring a vending machines functionality through one of several repair procedures.

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