How to Replace the Start Capacitor on Your Vending Machine

Vending machine repair is a regular part of owning a vending service. Many vending machine repairs can be done easily by the machine owner. Replacing the start capacitor is one of them.

You will need a cordless drill, a straight blade screwdriver, pliers and a flashlight.

Remove everything in the pre-cool area. Unplug the refrigeration harnesses. There will be two of them. Unscrew the mounting bracket.

Remove the brackets at the bottom of the unit. Pull the refrigeration unit forward and then turn it around. To access the electrical components, push in on the bale strap. You’ll now see the start capacitor.

Pull out the start relay and and pull up the bracket. If the new start capacitor takes a different bracket, you should remove that as well.

Insert the new start capacitor, then replace the brackets and wires in the opposite order that you used to remove them. The video below can serve as a visual reference.

Make sure that everything is tight; loose connections can cause arcing, which damages your machine.

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How To Replace The Start Capacitor

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