How to Stock Your Vending Machine: Iced vs Hot Coffee

Since the first coffee vending machines were introduced in 1946, coffee has remained one of the most popular mainstays of the vending industry. Today, specialized coffee machines offer a wide selection of coffee-based drinks so customers can get their favorite caffeine fix wherever they may be.vending products

While hot coffee machines may be more common, iced coffee is an increasingly more popular choice in machines where it’s offered – especially during the summer months and at gyms and sports facilities. Iced coffee offers a refreshing alternative to hot coffee with lower levels of acidity and less caffeine, thanks to the added ice. Even more importantly, there’s no risk of being burned by iced coffee and there’s no need to wait while the temperature of hot coffee decreases to the point where you can actually enjoy it.

Adding an iced coffee machine can substantially increase your profits and build your customer base, and Vendnet USA’s line of coffee vending machine parts and other drink machine parts, you can find the parts and equipment you need to keep your machines up and running.

In addition to its comprehensive selection of coffee vending machine parts and drink machine parts, Vendnet USA also carries parts for other types of machines including vending machine manuals for all major machine manufacturers.

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