Removing the Bill Validator on Your Vending Machine

vending machine repairsWe’re sure you already know that dollar bills generally collect dirt or residue on them that can clog your machine. Unfortunately, that means one of the vending machine parts you will eventually have to remove for cleaning or replacement is the bill validator. Luckily, this is one of the easier vending machine repairs to master.

For your safety, start by turning off the machine’s power switch. Always do this when performing electrical repairs to prevent damage to your machine. You will find one or two cables connecting the validator. Follow them to the connectors and unplug them.

Next remove the four nuts that hold the validator to the machine. There will be one at each corner.

To remove this vending machine part, lift and pull away from the door. Do not force the part. If you are encountering resistance, make sure that you have removed all hardware that connects the bill validator.

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