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Don’t Be In The Dark, Light Up Your Vending Machine with LED Lights

led lighting kits for vending machineThere is no question that LED lighting options are one of the most popular types of lighting used today. LED lights are efficient, bright and last longer than traditional options. This is why they are often seen used in homes, businesses, for street lamps and even in vehicles. One of the newest applications for LED lighting is in vending machines.

With vending machines popping up all over the place and vending machine services having to be called for bulb replacement often, a new option for lighting these machines has been developed. With LED lighting, the bulbs do not have to be replaced as often and ensure what is inside can be clearly seen – regardless of what time at day or night the machine is being used.

There are a number of benefits offered by using this lighting option, which include:

  • A low voltage option: The vending machine LED lights will plug into the existing 24 volt power sources. There is no need for auxiliary transformers for these kits.
  • Clear view of available products: When the lighting is successfully installed, those interested in purchasing something will have a clear view of what is for sale. Also, the bulbs are arranged in a way to illuminate the vending machine evenly, which prevents dim or dark sections.
  • Save energy: LED lights can lead to a power savings of up to 60 percent.
  • Extended bulb life: LED bulbs can last up to five to 10 years.
  • No toxic materials: With fluorescent bulbs, you run the risk of exposing users to mercury, which is toxic.

When you have successfully installed LED bulbs you will also not have to invest in as many service calls. This means when a vending machine needs to be worked on, it will not be the bulbs that have to be replaced; however, this will not minimize the need for other vending machine parts, which is something to keep in mind.

Also, since you are not having to call for service on the vending machine as often, you will not have to pay as much. This will save you quite a bit of time and money.

When you choose LED lights for your vending machine, they brighten the items that are inside and this will help to encourage them to make a purchase. When the vending machine is dark and the items are not able to be clearly seen, a person may be hesitant to actually make a purchase. As a result of this increased sales, the ROI on the LED lighting will be seen almost immediately.

When it comes to vending machines, takes some time to make sure yours is able to be used at all times, day and night, and that the cost of repairs and replacement bulbs is not excessive. If it is, then changing to LED bulbs may be the best solution for you and your bottom line.

Light Up Your Office with LED Lighting Kits for Vending Machines

LED Lighting KitsCompanies all over the world are catching on to the benefits of LED lighting and are making the switch in their vending machines. The day is fast approaching when fluorescent lighting is a thing of the past and LED lighting is the standard in vending machine service.

Consider the following three reasons why making the change to LED lighting kits is hard to resist:

LED lighting saves money.

With five to eight years of bulb life, fewer service calls are needed to replace vending machine parts. LED lighting is small and sturdy, meaning lights last longer and vending machine repair is less of an issue over time. Keeping fewer vending parts on hand and maintaining less manpower means more money in your pocket over time.

LED lighting sells more product.

LED lighting enhances product packaging by eliminating unwanted shadows in the machine and creating brighter, more alluring product display. The vending machine is also improved because LED lights do not emit the buzzing sound associated with drink vending parts. If that isn’t enough, LED lighting doesn’t dim and places a consistent spotlight on each item in the machine. Brighter lights and more attractive displays mean more products sold.

LED lighting (helps) save the earth.

LED lighting is first and foremost about eliminating the need for vending machine repair and improving vending machine parts, but saving the earth is an awesome bonus. LED lighting is highly efficient–as much as 60% more than fluorescent lighting. Not only does LED lighting operate on lower voltages than fluorescent lighting, but the longer lifespan of bulbs means less waste. Additionally, when it’s time to replace LED lighting, no hazardous mercury is exposed (as is the case with traditional fluorescent tubes). Less waste and fewer hazards means a healthier planet.

Consider joining the tidal wave of vending machine companies all over the world that are using LED lighting to save more time and sell more product. See the difference for yourself!