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A Vendors Worst Nightmare – Refrigerator Component Failure

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One of the key attractions of vending businesses is that they are, for the most part, passive income. But, hurdles like equipment failure can wind up eating a large chunk of your time.

Like any other technology, vending machines are subject to occasional parts failure, which can cause headaches for your business. Take a situation like refrigerator component failure. Not only does your machine not make money while it is out of order; many products are at risk for spoilage or loss in quality until you can get your machine fixed.

Vend Net USA understands your needs as a vending route owner; when parts fail, time is of the essence. We stock a wide range of vending machine parts so you don’t have to wait. Parts can be ordered on our website or over the phone. As a bonus, most soda vending machine parts are less expensive when you purchase them from us than they would be through an outside source.

Our toll-free technical phone assistance is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CT on weekdays. With their assistance, most technical issues can be solved by the machine owner over the phone. But, when you have an issue that requires on-site service, our vending machine repair professionals can come to your location. We have a network of over 435 authorized technicians throughout the country.

You can reach our caring customer support at 1-888-836-3638. Add this number to your phone’s directory and do not hesitate to call us for technical support or on-site repair service. We will help get your machines back up, running and earning as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Your Vending Machine: Drink Machines

Drink vending can be a sticky business, and keeping your vending machines clean is essential to make them both attractive and functional for customers. These steps will keepclean vending machine your drink vending machine shining and functional.

1. Wipe down all movable parts. Open the machine to access the drink machine parts inside, and wipe down all arms and other movable parts with a damp, clean cloth and a little bit of antibacterial cleaning solution.

2. Clean the door. If the machine has a door that lets customers view inside, clean it with glass cleaner, and allow to dry completely. If the door does not allow customers to see inside, clean the outside to remove dirt, debris and finger tips.

3. Wipe down the nozzles on machines that dispense liquids, not bottles. One of the dirtiest coffee vending machine parts is the nozzle where the hot coffee comes out, so wipe this with a hot, wet cloth.

4. Clean the bottom. The bottom of the machine is where dirt and liquid build up. Clean it thoroughly, and don’t forget the opening where drinks are dispensed.

With proper attention, your vending machine will look like new after just a little bit of work. As an added bonus, these steps will keep soda vending machine parts in good working order, and give you the chance to inspect for problems.

Vending Machine Repair for Unexpected Guests

VendnetUSAMaintaining a vending machine can be quite the task, especially given the unpredictability of man-made technology. You’re probably expecting your machine to have the occasional power problem or product shortage, but what if a furry friend suddenly found its way inside your device?

According to MSN, an innocent little kitten managed to get stuck inside of a Dr. Pepper machine, an incident most vending machine repair professionals aren’t used to dealing with. Fortunately, the baby cat was safely brought out of the device, and was named “Pepper” by its loving new owner.

While adorable animals aren’t a common catalyst of vending machine repair, plenty of other factors will put you in a spot where fixing your machine is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, Vendnet USA is here to service your every vending need. Whether your machine has suffered an unexpected meltdown or you simply need more soda vending machine parts so that you can inspire more stories like the one of Pepper’s, we’ve got a solution for you. From replacement parts to instruction manuals to on-location care, we take pride in providing a full selection of services to anyone operating a vending machine. Whether you just entered the industry or have a bevy of machines to care for, we’re your one-stop service solution.

Welcome to the Vendnet USA Blog!

Vendnet USAThanks for joining us! If you are looking to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of vending machine repair, you have certainly come to the right place. Whether you just purchased a vending machine for the first time or own a series of vending products, you will realize over time that these unique pieces of technology cannot maintain themselves. Just like any other electronic product, vending machines are subject to sudden malfunctions and the wear-and-tear that comes with any frequently used device. Fortunately, when you find yourself in dire need of vending machine parts, Vendnet USA is here to help.

From soda vending machine parts to crucial repairs for your frequently used coffee vending machine, Vendnet USA strives to make sure your vending business is always running as smoothly as possible. Vending machines are used just as much as any everyday device, and they deserve as much care as any other part of your business. From routine maintenance to crucial part replacement, our vending machines repair service will make sure you are always capable of making your customers happy. No matter what stage your vending business is in, you can rely on us to keep it going strong!