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4 Simple Vending Machine Maintenance Tips for New Vending Operators

You may be a new vending operator, or just need a refresh on vending machine maintenance – the key to a properly functioning vending machine is preventative maintenance, here we have 4 tips that will give you peace of mind now, and in the future:

Keep It Powered

It may seem simple, but we see this a lot. Sometimes you think your vending machine just stopped working, and when we come out for a service check, it’s simply not plugged in. Many machines have some sort of control board in them. Make sure your machines are plugged into an electrical outlet so they function properly. You can always reset your circuit breaker if the outlet isn’t working. Check the connections to all of the vending components, as they can get loose.

Keep It Clean

Your vending machine, is beyond anything, a machine  – and machines need to stay clean in order to function properly for extended periods of time. Keep the pathways for the bill validator and coin mechanism clean to ensure proper function. Always retest the machine before leaving it. Keep the refrigeration system clean. You can use air or even a brush to keep the lint out of the refrigeration unit area.

Keep It Primed

When setting up new products in your machine, you must prime each selection. Priming is the action of testing a new selection in your machine until it is ready to be vended. During this process it helps to keep your machine level.

Keep It Priced Right

A common complaint from vending customers is that the pricing is not set up correctly. Take the time to set the price in accordance with the correct product in your machine. It is helpful to test each new selection and product as well. This will help limit the number of service calls you will have to make.

Overall, the vending machine business is fascinating, with lots of opportunity for growth. Take the time to make preventative measures in your vending business.

Your team at VendNet USA is here to help you with all of your vending machine repairs. Contact us by phone at 1-888-836-3638 or web today to get started!

The Greenlite Cashless Solution to Increase Vending Machine Profits

GreenliteHeaderWhen it comes to boosting your profits, you will want to accept as many forms of payment as possible. Consumers who have the ability to pay according to various methods have a higher chance of becoming not only a customer, but a repeat one.

Did you know that one in five people don’t ever carry cash on them? That’s right, which means they can’t make a purchase if no other form of payment is offered; this ultimately lowers your profit potentials. Here are three important facts to remember to help you understand how valuable mobile payments are.

  • There are more than a billion transactions in the US each year that don’t involve cash.
  • Over the next few years, the transactions will increase by as much as 16 percent
  • Cashless workplace transactions total 27 percent on average, which is a 62 percent increase when compared to the past two years

With the Greenlite vending machine, you are able to customize your vending equipment so that multiple types of payment can be accepted. It also facilitates processes that reduce the costs of filling the equipment thanks to integrated remote reporting. Whether you have vending machines in your workplace or not, there are Greenlite services and equipment that can be extremely valuable to the overall profit levels. Once a cashless payment option is added to your vending machines, you will likely see a 15 percent increase.

Automated reporting allows you to receive alerts when maintenance needs to be performed on the vending machines. You will also enjoy being able to manage your vending machine transactions and payments online. Gone are the days of having to guess which products are selling best. Instead, you can track your vending data and then alter what they offer as needed.

If you’re looking for a vending machine maintenance service provider, please contact us today. We are ready to answer any and all of your questions related to the Greenlite cashless system.

The Importance of Maintaining Condom Vending Machines

IMG_20141201_145613With more than 35 million people in the world living with the AIDS virus, unsafe sex prevention is imperative. Business owners should implement condom vending machines inside of organizations such as hotels, motels and other institutions where people can be exposed to the disease. The fight against the disease needs to be maintained at all times. Therefore, establishments that have these machines must keep them maintained. A defunct condom machine does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases from spreading in the least.

Vending machine maintenance is necessary any time a building owner notices a blinking light. A vendor who notices an error code will need to request vending machine repairs, as well. Vending machine companies carry the vending machine parts that are necessary to get a machine back to pristine functionality. Maintaining a machine only requires regular inspections and contact with a specialist. The building administrator will want to monitor the machine closely for depleting products, as well. Condoms that have depleted to a bare minimum stash will need to be refilled so that no person misses the opportunity to use one. A condom machine is one of the most important pieces of machinery to have.

Promoting Sex vs. Preventing Disease Transmission

Some teens and adults will have sex whether they have a condom available or not. The responsibility of protecting people from the disease is up to each business owner who knows that such activities may occur within the establishment or outside of the establishment. Condom machines can be setup in a variety of locations such as movie theaters, gas stations, bars, clubs and more. Not only would they protect the patrons from engaging in unsafe activities, but also the vendors and the building owners can earn money, which should be a secondary goal.

Getting Vending Machine Repairs

Someone within the building should be in charge of keeping an eye on the machine for a possible vending machine repair. The vendor will want to check each machine at least once a week to ensure that the products are stocked. The client can call the vending machine company if something goes wrong with the machine. Error codes are the first sign of a necessary repair. Other signs of the need for a vending machine repair are money failing to dispense into the machine and items being stuck in the machine. The machine may need a simple adjustment, or the vendor may need to stack the items in a different order.

In the worst case, the vending machine may require technical assistance. Keeping the number to a reliable repair firm is the best way to prevent machines from becoming defunct. The goal of keeping a condom machine operational is to keep the numbers of AIDS cases from increasing.

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Metrolink Railroad Ticket Vending Machine Complaints & Repairs

lat-la-me-metrolink-tickets-photo-la0023343651-20141023Metrolink Railroad officials are reporting an increased amount of complaints from riders in person and via social media, that the ticket vending machines, which are supposed to make purchasing tickets fast and simple, are now malfunctioning with regularity. These malfunctions are resulting in passengers missing their trains, increased lines at stations, revenue decreases and perhaps even legal issues as passengers have been, out of desperation, boarding without paying their train fare.

These types of problems come as a surprise considering the literally billions of dollars that have been put into the new rail lines in the last twenty years. Although the trains and rails themselves are an attractive commuting alternative, if vending machine repairs continues to go unattended, commuters cannot take advantage of the system. The bigger problem that was hoped to be solved, removing a percentage of commuters from California’s crowded interstates, will be a moot point, if no one can perform the simple task of purchasing their ticket through a fully-functioning vending machine ticket dispenser.

Currently Metrolink receives almost five hundred vending machine malfunction reports a month. Some of these reports are simple malfunctions, while others are concerning busted units and vandalism. In extreme cases, some machines have even been ripped out during break-ins and carried off by criminals. According to social media page Metrolink Diary, set up by riders to record their dissatisfaction, on some days sixteen of the fifty-five machines might be out of order, even at L.A.’s busiest Union Station.

When these problems are finally addressed riders cite that it seems to take weeks for riders to see vending machine repairs. In some instances all of the vending machines at one station are reportedly broken at the same time, as was the case at Claremont Station. This lack of maintenance is causing a huge decrease in sales for Metrolink. Commuters want their tickets they just can’t get them due to vending machine malfunction.

The majority of the machines which serve Metrolink were installed about twenty two years ago, which many say is the entire issue at hand. The vending machines, or vending machine parts simply need to be updated. When the vending machine repair issue is finally addressed Metrolink could quickly recoup the cost of updating or replacing a vending machine part in the malfunctioning machines, or in all the machines.

While passengers wait for the issue to be resolved, Metrolink advises riders to purchase their monthly passes earlier in the buying period, or to arrive up to twenty minutes early to purchase a ticket in the event that the machine is slow or malfunctioning.

Source: http://lat.ms/1op2p6O

Maintenance Training Program by VendNetUSA

Vending Machine Services - Vend Net USA

When you know how to maintain and repair your own vending equipment, you have a greater degree of control of your business. Learning about vending machine repairs and how to properly use your machine can save you money and help you get more familiar with your machine.

VendNetUSA is offering two-day vending 101 training sessions at their school in Des Moines, Iowa. Trainings are scheduled on the following dates:

  • June 11 & 12
  • August 6 & 7
  • October 8 & 9

Classes run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. Lunch is provided.

During the class, you will learn how to fix cold drink, snack, cold and frozen food, and hot beverage machines. You will learn how to keep your vending machines in optimal condition, how to identify and replace vending machine parts and perform a wide range of vending machine repairs.

This class is an excellent investment in your vending business. Fixing machines yourself means that they get fixed on your schedule. And, the savings can be substantial; within just a few repairs, you can easily make back the cost of the class. Plus, when you know your machines in and out, you can make them last longer and identify when locally available secondhand machines are worth the investment.

VendNet is backed up by over 80 years combined experience in the industry, and we are willing to pass our expertise on to you. The maintenance training class costs just $195 per person. Specially rated hotel accommodations are available nearby at Sterling Hotel and Suites. Each day, the hotel conveniently provides transportation to and from class. Visit our site to learn more or to sign up today.

Maintaining the Health of Your Vending Machines with Routine Service Check-ups and Part Replacement

Just as routine check-ups keep you healthier, frequent equipment checks and prompt repairs keep your vending machines performing at peak capacity. By keeping your machines well-maintained, you can increase your revenue and decrease the amount that you spend replacing equipment.

Always thoroughly clean and test your machines each time you visit your route. Dirt and grime can cause vending machine parts to corrode or stick, shortening their life. And, frequent vend tests let you know when a machine is not vending correctly, helping you eliminate downtime and unhappy customers.

When you discover worn or broken vending machines parts, replace them as soon as possible. Machines that do not work well can turn off customers, breaking their habits of regularly buying from your machines. And, it can even cause the businesses that host your machines to ask you to remove them.

VendNet carries a wide array of food and drink vending machine parts to keep your route in good condition. Come to us when it is time to perform vending machine repairs and we help you get your machine back to its optimal condition in no time. vending machine parts and repairs

Get an Education in Vending

vending machine repairsIf you’re running a vending business, whether you’re a wet-behind-the-ears newbie or a veteran of the industry, it’s probably pretty obvious that one of the best ways to increase profits and cut the costs associated with your business is to learn to maintain and troubleshoot mechanical problems that can occur from time to time. Mechanical problems cost you money in two ways: First, you need to pay a vending machines repair person to fix the machines, and second, you lose money while your machine is out of commission. What’s more, when your machine is out of commission, customers may start looking elsewhere for other machines resulting in long-term loss of sales revenue.

The answer: Learn to perform those vending machine repairs yourself. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Our two-day service school was developed to help machine owners and operators just like you learn to care for your machines so you can not only make repairs when needed, but most importantly, you can do all the little tune-ups that can help ensure your machine is in optimal operating condition. Our classes cover everything you need to know about maintaining your snack, cold drink, cold and frozen food, and hot beverage machines. Download our .pdf to learn more.

Removing the Bill Validator on Your Vending Machine

vending machine repairsWe’re sure you already know that dollar bills generally collect dirt or residue on them that can clog your machine. Unfortunately, that means one of the vending machine parts you will eventually have to remove for cleaning or replacement is the bill validator. Luckily, this is one of the easier vending machine repairs to master.

For your safety, start by turning off the machine’s power switch. Always do this when performing electrical repairs to prevent damage to your machine. You will find one or two cables connecting the validator. Follow them to the connectors and unplug them.

Next remove the four nuts that hold the validator to the machine. There will be one at each corner.

To remove this vending machine part, lift and pull away from the door. Do not force the part. If you are encountering resistance, make sure that you have removed all hardware that connects the bill validator.

Our vending machines repair support line can help you troubleshoot your machines when they are not performing. Come to us for expert advice and quality parts for the machines on your route.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Fix Your Vending Machine

vending machine repairsWith vending machines, particularly those that handle hot drinks like coffee, problems can escalate quickly if they are not handled. If one vending machine part breaks, it can cause others to fail, as well. And, when your machines aren’t working, they are not making money for you. If a machine is inoperable for too long, it can even threaten your relationship with the spot hosting it, causing them to decide that they no longer wish to use your machines.

To maintain your income and your positive relationship, inspect your machines regularly. Make sure they are clean and vend correctly. If you do spot a problem, order parts as soon as possible and do all of the necessary repairs.

And, don’t forget, if you are having trouble with vending machine repairs, you can come to us for assistance. Our vending machines repair technical support service can help you diagnose the issues, pick out the right vending machine parts and get your machines back in running shape in no time.