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The Bill Validator Your Business Needs

When it comes to your vending business, Vendnet is your one-stop source for technical support, service and vending parts. Our parts department is dedicated to providing quick, reliable shipments of parts globally. One of these parts is Conlux. Conlux delivers high performance for the value-conscious operator.

The Conlux Bill Validator is the reliable operator you need for your vending machine. It accepts $1-$20 bills with 4-way bill acceptance. Additionally, operators love the simple programming capabilities of Conlux. Simply press the blue button on the back of the validator and feed the bill denominations of your choice. 

Find out more about how to program your new Conlux Bill Validator by watching the video below.


For more information regarding vending parts and technical support, contact Vendnet at 1-800-833-4411.

Maintaining the Health of Your Vending Machines with Routine Service Check-ups and Part Replacement

Just as routine check-ups keep you healthier, frequent equipment checks and prompt repairs keep your vending machines performing at peak capacity. By keeping your machines well-maintained, you can increase your revenue and decrease the amount that you spend replacing equipment.

Always thoroughly clean and test your machines each time you visit your route. Dirt and grime can cause vending machine parts to corrode or stick, shortening their life. And, frequent vend tests let you know when a machine is not vending correctly, helping you eliminate downtime and unhappy customers.

When you discover worn or broken vending machines parts, replace them as soon as possible. Machines that do not work well can turn off customers, breaking their habits of regularly buying from your machines. And, it can even cause the businesses that host your machines to ask you to remove them.

VendNet carries a wide array of food and drink vending machine parts to keep your route in good condition. Come to us when it is time to perform vending machine repairs and we help you get your machine back to its optimal condition in no time. vending machine parts and repairs

Easily Pay for Parts

15961627_sThe internet has made our lives easier in many ways and one of the biggest advantage for businesses now is the ability to pay your bills and accounts online. Vendnet USA is no exception with a Pay  Account Online feature that gives vending machine owners and operators the ability to pay for their vending machine repairs and parts online at our website.

This takes a lot of the hassle and wait time out of paying bills when compared to having to mail them in. It also gives you the ability to pay immediately and securely at any time of the day. In addition to online payments we also offer other financing options such as the Vendnet Parts Credit Line to make getting the parts your machines need easier.

Teaming Up for Small Business Success

A lot of vending businesses, especially when you are starting out, run on a pretty lean business model. Small budgets, insufficient employees or other unforeseen problems that plague small businesses often cause serious problems with the cash flow of businesses. Especially when your machines are not functioning properly or have completely broken down, having the resources available to correct problems quickly and efficiently is key to staying profitable and servicing your customers.

Vend Net USA is at your service to help keep your business up and running by supplementing  your business with a reliable and efficient vending machine repairs and other technical services. Whenever your vending machines are not functioning properly, you are losing out on revenue. For small businesses this can mean the difference between making a profit that month or having to figure out where to cut the budget for next month.

Vending can be a very rewarding business but trying to tackle all of the obstacles of owning and operating a small business all by yourself is too much. Let us help your business succeed!

Vending Machine for Bike Repairs

According to an article from www.arlnow.com, Crystal City in Virginia will be hosting two bicycling events over the next two weeks. Vend Net USA took an interest in these events because they will be incorporating one of the city’s newest vending machines.

We are used to discussing services for vending machine repairs and parts, but this vending machine is the one responsible for repairs and parts. The bike vending machine does not vend bikes, but instead, it vends tools and parts needed to repair bikes. The machine also features a bicycle mount that will hold your bike while you make the necessary repairs. The station also features an air pump station to keep bike tires inflated.

Machines such as this will help keep bicyclists on the road, especially during big bike events. It is also a way for small bike shops to expand the reach of their business without having to open new locations. Like all vending machines, these bike repair machines can be placed in high-traffic areas that will provide a service and products to customers right where they need it.

Megatron Vending Performance

For many people, the fall means the return of one of America’s favorite sports: football. College and professional football seasons are in full-swing and if you are looking for talented players to watch or add to your fantasy football rosters, there are few better choices than Detroit Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Johnson recently appeared in a commercial for sports news television station ESPN where he made his nickname of Megatron a reality by transforming into a vending machine in order to hide from an ESPN anchor. As soon as the anchor in search of Johnson strolls around the corner, there are a few Transformers sounds and by the time we see Johnson again he has reassembled into vending machine parts and become a soda vending machine.

Compared to the rest of the Transformers, who can often change into sports cars, jet planes or tanks, Johnson’s transformation into a vending machine is not the most exciting. This transformation would be very useful for hiding around any urban area or office complex.

Vend Net USA can help you with repairs and parts for just about any vending machine, as long as it is not an NFL super star transformed into a soda vending machine.

Vending Repairs in the Twittersphere

Much like winning the jackpot at a slot machine, there are few things in life that rival the joy customers feel when they receive two items for the price of one at a vending machine. “Anyone who says their wedding was the best day of their life has clearly never had two candy bars fall down at once from a vending machine.” This tweet about the joy of receiving two items at once from a vending machine has become extremely popular on Twitter.

Another thing you will quickly learn while browsing online for opinions on vending machines is that people feel the opposite emotions of joy when their money is “eaten” by a vending machine or their product fails to vend. A large portion of tweets every day that contain the phrase “vending machine” are people expressing their frustration with malfunctioning machines.

At Vend Net USA, we refuse to let these vending malfunctions ruin the days of vending customers. To keep your machines in perfect condition, we offer a huge selection of vending machine parts. Replacing broken parts is key to ensuring a quality vending experience. If further work is required, we have technicians and service representatives ready to help!

The Perks of Using Vendnet for Your Vending Machine Repair Needs

Vendnet USAWhether you follow the official Vendnet USA blog or have used our vending machine repair services before,  you likely know that we offer some of the best on and off-site help for your vending venture. If you’re new to our esteemed service, here are just a few reasons why Vendnet USA is well worth your time:

Safe, Convenient Payments: You can pay for all of our vending machine parts using credit card or check, allowing you to enjoy instant, safe access to the goods you need most for your device. We know that the vending business doesn’t stop, which is why we aim to get you what you need as quickly as possible.

On Site Help: While you can access a slew of online manuals and a full variety of vending machine parts without leaving the house, our service doesn’t stop there. If your vending issue can’t be fixed over the phone, we’ll send over one of our expert authorized technicians to service your machine and get it working like new.

Guaranteed Efficiency: Thanks to our quick and easy warranty registration system, you can enjoy guaranteed service based on the type of vending business that you operate. Whether you have a single machine or operate a whole office’s worth, we’re here to help!

Vending Machine Repair for Unexpected Guests

VendnetUSAMaintaining a vending machine can be quite the task, especially given the unpredictability of man-made technology. You’re probably expecting your machine to have the occasional power problem or product shortage, but what if a furry friend suddenly found its way inside your device?

According to MSN, an innocent little kitten managed to get stuck inside of a Dr. Pepper machine, an incident most vending machine repair professionals aren’t used to dealing with. Fortunately, the baby cat was safely brought out of the device, and was named “Pepper” by its loving new owner.

While adorable animals aren’t a common catalyst of vending machine repair, plenty of other factors will put you in a spot where fixing your machine is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, Vendnet USA is here to service your every vending need. Whether your machine has suffered an unexpected meltdown or you simply need more soda vending machine parts so that you can inspire more stories like the one of Pepper’s, we’ve got a solution for you. From replacement parts to instruction manuals to on-location care, we take pride in providing a full selection of services to anyone operating a vending machine. Whether you just entered the industry or have a bevy of machines to care for, we’re your one-stop service solution.

Why is Vending Machine Repair Important?

vending machineThe average vending machine is large, sturdy, and  built to last, which suggests that the devices can maintain themselves. And while your vending product may be able to go a very long time without requiring any type of maintenance, you never really know when a moment may come that will leave your product in a state of disarray. Here are just a few reasons why you should always be ready to conduct vending machine repair and maintenance:

Product: Have you just bought a snack vending machine and realized that most of your product is gone within a week? While this is certainly a good problem to have, it is important to know good sources of vending machine parts for any necessary product restock.

Malfunction: While the vending machine is one of man’s greatest inventions, it is still a piece of technology and is subject to all of the same unpredictable malfunctions of any electronic device.

Instructions: Are you just about ready to start servicing customers with your vending machine, but just realized that you forgot a crucial part of the setup process? It’s extra important to get a hold of a proper instruction manual for your product, as it can mean the difference between a thriving machine and a busted one.

Fortunately, Vend Net USA is happy to supply all of your vending machine parts, no matter what unexpected occurrences come your way!