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Are You Prepared for Winter?

The weather has finally begun to cool off, which means customer cravings are going to start switching from an ice-cold beverage to a piping hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Is your hot beverage vending machine prepared to serve your customers?

While you should be performing regular maintenance routines on all of your vending equipment to increase the life of your equipment, you may find that hot beverage machines require a different type of upkeep than your snack vending machines. 

One example of hot beverage maintenance that should be performed, whether you are just receiving your machine or you are replacing a current part, is installing a cup chute fixed mount. Your cup chute fixed mount is an essential aspect of your hot beverage machine. When a customer makes a selection on the machine, a cup is brought down via the chute. Then, it is filled with the selected product. Without a properly working cup chute fixed mount, the cup will not drop down and the customer will not receive their product.

Watch the video below to walk through the process and call Vendnet today at 1-800-833-4411 for other hot beverage details.


Cleaning Your Vending Machine: Snack Machines

No one wants to eat from a dirty vending machine, but cleaning your machines on a regular basis does more than help keep sales strong – it also helps prevent maintenance problems from arising by keeping dirt and grime from working its way beneath keypads or into the machine’s interior.

Daily cleaning tasks

Ideally, machines will be cleaned each day when money is retrieved and products are Vendnet USArestocked. Daily cleaning is simple:

  • Use a glass cleaner to wipe down the front of the machine (and the sides, it they’re accessible) to remove smudges, fingerprints and grime.
  • Then use the cleaner to clean inside the glass to remove any marks made by products as they drop into the delivery tray.
  • Finally, wipe out the delivery tray to remove crumbs or dust.

Annual cleaning tasks

  • Each year, the machine’s trays should be removed and cleaned (pay special attention to greasy chip trays).
  • With the trays out, the coils can be removed and cleaned as well. Neglecting this step can cause products to stick and problems with dispensing are much more likely to occur.

Keeping your machines clean will help avoid most of the typical vending machines repair problems that can take a big chunk out of your profits. Make cleaning a part of every driver’s regular routine so these simple tasks don’t become major headaches.

Get an Education in Vending

vending machine repairsIf you’re running a vending business, whether you’re a wet-behind-the-ears newbie or a veteran of the industry, it’s probably pretty obvious that one of the best ways to increase profits and cut the costs associated with your business is to learn to maintain and troubleshoot mechanical problems that can occur from time to time. Mechanical problems cost you money in two ways: First, you need to pay a vending machines repair person to fix the machines, and second, you lose money while your machine is out of commission. What’s more, when your machine is out of commission, customers may start looking elsewhere for other machines resulting in long-term loss of sales revenue.

The answer: Learn to perform those vending machine repairs yourself. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Our two-day service school was developed to help machine owners and operators just like you learn to care for your machines so you can not only make repairs when needed, but most importantly, you can do all the little tune-ups that can help ensure your machine is in optimal operating condition. Our classes cover everything you need to know about maintaining your snack, cold drink, cold and frozen food, and hot beverage machines. Download our .pdf to learn more.

Removing the Bill Validator on Your Vending Machine

vending machine repairsWe’re sure you already know that dollar bills generally collect dirt or residue on them that can clog your machine. Unfortunately, that means one of the vending machine parts you will eventually have to remove for cleaning or replacement is the bill validator. Luckily, this is one of the easier vending machine repairs to master.

For your safety, start by turning off the machine’s power switch. Always do this when performing electrical repairs to prevent damage to your machine. You will find one or two cables connecting the validator. Follow them to the connectors and unplug them.

Next remove the four nuts that hold the validator to the machine. There will be one at each corner.

To remove this vending machine part, lift and pull away from the door. Do not force the part. If you are encountering resistance, make sure that you have removed all hardware that connects the bill validator.

Our vending machines repair support line can help you troubleshoot your machines when they are not performing. Come to us for expert advice and quality parts for the machines on your route.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Fix Your Vending Machine

vending machine repairsWith vending machines, particularly those that handle hot drinks like coffee, problems can escalate quickly if they are not handled. If one vending machine part breaks, it can cause others to fail, as well. And, when your machines aren’t working, they are not making money for you. If a machine is inoperable for too long, it can even threaten your relationship with the spot hosting it, causing them to decide that they no longer wish to use your machines.

To maintain your income and your positive relationship, inspect your machines regularly. Make sure they are clean and vend correctly. If you do spot a problem, order parts as soon as possible and do all of the necessary repairs.

And, don’t forget, if you are having trouble with vending machine repairs, you can come to us for assistance. Our vending machines repair technical support service can help you diagnose the issues, pick out the right vending machine parts and get your machines back in running shape in no time.

Easily Pay for Parts

15961627_sThe internet has made our lives easier in many ways and one of the biggest advantage for businesses now is the ability to pay your bills and accounts online. Vendnet USA is no exception with a Pay  Account Online feature that gives vending machine owners and operators the ability to pay for their vending machine repairs and parts online at our website.

This takes a lot of the hassle and wait time out of paying bills when compared to having to mail them in. It also gives you the ability to pay immediately and securely at any time of the day. In addition to online payments we also offer other financing options such as the Vendnet Parts Credit Line to make getting the parts your machines need easier.

Browse Vending Machine Parts Online

Vend Net USA is in business to make your vending business run more efficiently and to help you sort through our extensive catalog of vending machine parts, we have put our entire parts catalog online.

Browsing and searching the catalog online to find the exact parts you need for your vending machine repairs makes the process faster. Vend Net USA also has service phone numbers available online to help answer any questions about the parts or help you find what you are looking for!

A few of our parts categories include coin mechs, refrigeration components, keypads, lamps, fuses and more!

The Perks of Using Vendnet for Your Vending Machine Repair Needs

Vendnet USAWhether you follow the official Vendnet USA blog or have used our vending machine repair services before,  you likely know that we offer some of the best on and off-site help for your vending venture. If you’re new to our esteemed service, here are just a few reasons why Vendnet USA is well worth your time:

Safe, Convenient Payments: You can pay for all of our vending machine parts using credit card or check, allowing you to enjoy instant, safe access to the goods you need most for your device. We know that the vending business doesn’t stop, which is why we aim to get you what you need as quickly as possible.

On Site Help: While you can access a slew of online manuals and a full variety of vending machine parts without leaving the house, our service doesn’t stop there. If your vending issue can’t be fixed over the phone, we’ll send over one of our expert authorized technicians to service your machine and get it working like new.

Guaranteed Efficiency: Thanks to our quick and easy warranty registration system, you can enjoy guaranteed service based on the type of vending business that you operate. Whether you have a single machine or operate a whole office’s worth, we’re here to help!

Why is Vending Machine Repair Important?

vending machineThe average vending machine is large, sturdy, and  built to last, which suggests that the devices can maintain themselves. And while your vending product may be able to go a very long time without requiring any type of maintenance, you never really know when a moment may come that will leave your product in a state of disarray. Here are just a few reasons why you should always be ready to conduct vending machine repair and maintenance:

Product: Have you just bought a snack vending machine and realized that most of your product is gone within a week? While this is certainly a good problem to have, it is important to know good sources of vending machine parts for any necessary product restock.

Malfunction: While the vending machine is one of man’s greatest inventions, it is still a piece of technology and is subject to all of the same unpredictable malfunctions of any electronic device.

Instructions: Are you just about ready to start servicing customers with your vending machine, but just realized that you forgot a crucial part of the setup process? It’s extra important to get a hold of a proper instruction manual for your product, as it can mean the difference between a thriving machine and a busted one.

Fortunately, Vend Net USA is happy to supply all of your vending machine parts, no matter what unexpected occurrences come your way!

Manuals For Keeping Your Vending Machine in Top Shape

Vendnet USARemember the days when just about everything came with instruction manuals? While you may have tossed the paper booklets that came with your old electronics, they become invaluable when you suddenly have to fix something. Instruction manuals are more important than ever in the world of vending machines, as vending products are always subject to malfunctions and errors.

Fortunately, Vendnet USA knows the importance of a great manual. We proudly offer an extensive list of instruction manuals for everything from basic snack and drink vending machines to small gumball machines and miscellaneous equipment. Even if your machine came without instructions, our online manuals make vending machine repair an easier process than ever. Simply choose the type of machine you are operating and you will be treated to a full digital selection of PDF manuals, which will help you figure out exactly which vending machine parts you need for your product.

Gone are the days of sifting through haphazardly put-together manuals and trying to figure out how to work your devices. Our digital manuals get right to the point, allowing you to spend more time on vending machine repair and less time on reading unneccesary jargon. With the help of Vendnet USA, you will be able to fix your machine more quickly than ever!