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America’s Bike Fixation High Security Vending Machine

lrt_hsvmSome people are obsessed with extreme sports. From road and mountain biking, whitewater kayaking and sky diving to skiing and snowboarding, rollerblading and rock climbing, they just cannot get enough adrenalin. What do you do though if while partaking in any of the above activities, the chain on your bicycle breaks, or the seat tears while riding? The Bike Fixation bike parts vending machine is there to help.

What is the Bike Fixation‘s High Security Vending Machine?

The name is not misleading; it is a vending machine stocked with bike parts. Customers can purchase everything from parts like bike tubes, chain lube, multi-tools, Allan wrench sets, and patch kits, to parts like derailer components, brake cables and handlebar grips.

Just as convenient as the parts available, are the different means customers can use to pay for the product they desire or need. The high security vending machines accept cash and coins, credit and debit cards, university cards and gift cards.

What Does it Look Like and What Makes it High Security?

Bike Fixation’s bike parts vending machines look like any other vending machine: big and square with a glass casing on the front so customers can view their options before purchasing. But, unlike the vending machines people buy candy and snacks from, Bike Fixation’s vending machine is built like a high-end safe.

It is made of heavy gage steel, with the exception of the front glass. The glass is actually polycarbonate and it is double-paned. In addition, the Bike Fixation vending machine is available with a heater that serves to keep products at a safe temperature even when temperatures outside drop to – 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bike Fixation High Security Vending Machine Models

There are three: the standard model and the HD and the HD SST models. The standard model is 35” x 39” x 72”. The HD and HD SST models are both 43” x 47” x 78” and the heaters of all three models run on 110 volts meaning proprietors can plug the vending machines into any standard outlet.

Have the Bike Fixation High Security Vending Machines Been a Success so Far?

Absolutely. There are machines in use in Brooklyn, New York; Canmore, Alberta, Canada; Miami; Minneapolis; Arlington; and Bundoora, Victoria, Australia in addition to San Ramon and Sausalito, California. That is just to name a few of the locations.

As the vending machines can be painted with any signage a proprietor would like, many Bike Fixation vending machine owners paint the name of their business on one side and maps of the surrounding area on the other.

Two of the most well-done vending machine paint jobs are those of the TeeBox Machine in Miami — which is aqua blue with slightly darker background patterns — and one of the machines in Victoria Australia. From top to bottom, the All4Cycling Machine fades from black to gray, then back to black at the bottom.

Source: http://bit.ly/S0LFDp

Pet-Friendly Vending

With all the vending technology available to vending machine manufacturers today, it is no surprise that the sizes, shapes and features of machines are constantly changing. Vending technology can come in some surprising forms as well. A young girl named Brooke Martin has developed a vending machine (of sorts) for your dog!

Her invention, the iCPooch combines video chatting capabilities available on most computers and smart phones with a small device that dispenses treats for dogs. It might not have all of the complex vending machine parts found in traditional machines, but the simplicity of this machine gives owners an easy way to interact with their favorite pets from anywhere in the world.

The machine has audio and video outputs so your dog can hear and see you. When you have their attention, there is a feature that allows you to remotely drop a treat for your pet.

This project is currently being funded as a Kickstarter project has around a third of the funds it needs to fund the project. Vend Net USA loves seeing creative new vending ideas like this!

Vending Machine Parts Manuals

Though we may not want to admit it, instruction manuals can come in pretty handy. If you are looking for a little extra help to keep your vending machines in working order, Vend Net USA has a vast collection of vending manuals.

These manuals are easy to view and download right from the Vend Net USA website. To make sure that you have all of the information you need, there are two sets of manuals for all the vending machine categories that include a vending machine parts manual and a service manual. These manuals include step by step information for vending machine repairs and trouble-shooting tips for common machine issues.

The parts manuals include listings that make ordering replacement parts for your machines through Vend Net USA easy. There are parts available for all sorts of vending machines from snack, soda and cold or frozen food, to combination machines and hot coffee machines.

Having these manuals on hand for vending emergencies, such as when your office’s beloved coffee machine breaks down, can be a life-saver by making the process of finding the correct parts and ordering them easy and efficient.

Megatron Vending Performance

For many people, the fall means the return of one of America’s favorite sports: football. College and professional football seasons are in full-swing and if you are looking for talented players to watch or add to your fantasy football rosters, there are few better choices than Detroit Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Johnson recently appeared in a commercial for sports news television station ESPN where he made his nickname of Megatron a reality by transforming into a vending machine in order to hide from an ESPN anchor. As soon as the anchor in search of Johnson strolls around the corner, there are a few Transformers sounds and by the time we see Johnson again he has reassembled into vending machine parts and become a soda vending machine.

Compared to the rest of the Transformers, who can often change into sports cars, jet planes or tanks, Johnson’s transformation into a vending machine is not the most exciting. This transformation would be very useful for hiding around any urban area or office complex.

Vend Net USA can help you with repairs and parts for just about any vending machine, as long as it is not an NFL super star transformed into a soda vending machine.

Need A Little Help From My Friends

Whether you have a question about how install a new vending machine part, are having trouble with a feature on your vending machine, or have a question about how to get help to repair your vending machine, Vend Net USA is at your service. Sometimes you need a little extra support with your vending machines, so Vend Net USA offers toll-free technical phone assistance to help your vending business stay up and running to maximize your profits!

Vend Net USA has technicians available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. central time to help you with any issues you may encounter with your vending machine. To make sure the call goes smoothly and you can receive the best help, you should make sure to have your serial and model numbers available and be near your machine to reference parts and possible issues.

Once problems have been identified, our technicians will help handle the problem over the phone. Most issues can be solved easily over the phone, but if you require on site assistance, Vend Net USA is part of a service network with more than 435 authorized technicians throughout North America!

Vending Time is Money!

For vending machine businesses to be successful, they must offer convenience for customers. This involves providing the right food, drinks or other products that they want, in the location they want and with payment options and features that they want. After putting in all of the work to make your machines as appealing and convenient as you can to customers, the last thing you want to have happen is for your vending machine to break down.

Once your machine breaks down, you are missing out on revenue for every minute it is not functioning. Patrons will also start to associate your vending machines with poor service if it frequently dispenses incorrect items, processes payments incorrectly or is out of service. There are some great new technologies to keep you informed on the status of your vending machine, but preventing the breakdowns from happening with proper service and vending machine parts is the best solution.

Vend Net USA has service technicians available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week online and speedy, reliable shipping for vending machine parts that can be found on our online catalogue. With all of these services available, your vending machine business will be running at maximum efficiency!

Vandalism Vending Machine Repairs

From convenience stores, to malls, offices, hotels or schools, you can find vending machines just about anywhere. Their ability to be placed anywhere and offer convenience to customers is one of the major benefits to having vending machines, but sometimes these unsupervised machines can run into some trouble.

Often seen as easy targets for people looking to steal, unattended vending machines can become victims of break-ins because of their isolation and perceived lack of ownership. Many news stories about these robberies can be found daily and they often include criminals breaking open vending machines, smashing the glass or opening up the coin-collecting systems.

There are systems and technologies available to help prevent these thefts, as well as keeping machines in well-lit and frequently trafficked areas, but sometimes the unavoidable happens. Vend Net USA is a great resource for helping piece back together your machines. Vending machine repairs are our specialty and we have the parts and technical support you need to get your machines up and running again after an unfortunate robbery or attempt. www.VendNetUSA.com has an extensive catalogue of parts that can be delivered throughout the world with quick and reliable shipments.

Vending Repairs in the Twittersphere

Much like winning the jackpot at a slot machine, there are few things in life that rival the joy customers feel when they receive two items for the price of one at a vending machine. “Anyone who says their wedding was the best day of their life has clearly never had two candy bars fall down at once from a vending machine.” This tweet about the joy of receiving two items at once from a vending machine has become extremely popular on Twitter.

Another thing you will quickly learn while browsing online for opinions on vending machines is that people feel the opposite emotions of joy when their money is “eaten” by a vending machine or their product fails to vend. A large portion of tweets every day that contain the phrase “vending machine” are people expressing their frustration with malfunctioning machines.

At Vend Net USA, we refuse to let these vending malfunctions ruin the days of vending customers. To keep your machines in perfect condition, we offer a huge selection of vending machine parts. Replacing broken parts is key to ensuring a quality vending experience. If further work is required, we have technicians and service representatives ready to help!