Vending Repairs in the Twittersphere

Much like winning the jackpot at a slot machine, there are few things in life that rival the joy customers feel when they receive two items for the price of one at a vending machine. “Anyone who says their wedding was the best day of their life has clearly never had two candy bars fall down at once from a vending machine.” This tweet about the joy of receiving two items at once from a vending machine has become extremely popular on Twitter.

Another thing you will quickly learn while browsing online for opinions on vending machines is that people feel the opposite emotions of joy when their money is “eaten” by a vending machine or their product fails to vend. A large portion of tweets every day that contain the phrase “vending machine” are people expressing their frustration with malfunctioning machines.

At Vend Net USA, we refuse to let these vending malfunctions ruin the days of vending customers. To keep your machines in perfect condition, we offer a huge selection of vending machine parts. Replacing broken parts is key to ensuring a quality vending experience. If further work is required, we have technicians and service representatives ready to help!

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