Light Up Your Office with LED Lighting Kits for Vending Machines

LED Lighting KitsCompanies all over the world are catching on to the benefits of LED lighting and are making the switch in their vending machines. The day is fast approaching when fluorescent lighting is a thing of the past and LED lighting is the standard in vending machine service.

Consider the following three reasons why making the change to LED lighting kits is hard to resist:

LED lighting saves money.

With five to eight years of bulb life, fewer service calls are needed to replace vending machine parts. LED lighting is small and sturdy, meaning lights last longer and vending machine repair is less of an issue over time. Keeping fewer vending parts on hand and maintaining less manpower means more money in your pocket over time.

LED lighting sells more product.

LED lighting enhances product packaging by eliminating unwanted shadows in the machine and creating brighter, more alluring product display. The vending machine is also improved because LED lights do not emit the buzzing sound associated with drink vending parts. If that isn’t enough, LED lighting doesn’t dim and places a consistent spotlight on each item in the machine. Brighter lights and more attractive displays mean more products sold.

LED lighting (helps) save the earth.

LED lighting is first and foremost about eliminating the need for vending machine repair and improving vending machine parts, but saving the earth is an awesome bonus. LED lighting is highly efficient–as much as 60% more than fluorescent lighting. Not only does LED lighting operate on lower voltages than fluorescent lighting, but the longer lifespan of bulbs means less waste. Additionally, when it’s time to replace LED lighting, no hazardous mercury is exposed (as is the case with traditional fluorescent tubes). Less waste and fewer hazards means a healthier planet.

Consider joining the tidal wave of vending machine companies all over the world that are using LED lighting to save more time and sell more product. See the difference for yourself!

VendNet USA: Your #1 Source for Coffee Vending Machine Product Refills

VendNet USA - Coffee Refill Products
For all your coffee machine refill product needs, you can trust VendNet USA. VendNet USA has an extensive variety of refill products, replacement parts and service manuals. From hot chocolate party to fresh, freeze-dried coffee, VendNet USA has it all.

All of the Products You Need in One Place:
Why waste your time trying to source your vending machine products through multiple distributors when you can get it all from your machine manufacturer directly? VendNet USA offers the best deals and the widest selection of coffee goods so that you can get everything you need in a single order. They even sell hot cups for additional convenience! Here are just a few of the products you can purchase from us:

Aristocrat Premium Fresh Brew Coffee
Value Blend Fresh Brew Coffee
Soluble Vending Tea
French Vanilla Cappuccino
Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Make Sure Your Customers Get What They Need:
A variety of coffees, teas and other hot beverages will keep your customers coming back for more. Regardless of which hot beverage vending machine you use, VendNet USA has refill products that will work for you. Test out different cappuccino mixes and fresh brew coffees until you figure out which is the biggest hit with your customers.

In addition to offering a comprehensive selection of competitively priced refill products, we are also able to provide you with any replacement parts that your machine may need. We operate as a complete resource for all your coffee vending products and supplies. Give us a call today to place your order 1-800-833-4411.

Quick and Efficient Vending Machine Repairs and Services

Vending machines are made to last, but as everything else, they too require maintenance to keep them in working order. Sometimes they also malfunction, break down or simply wear out over time. With VendNet USA, vending machine owners have access to reliable repair assistance that keeps the machines operating properly and making money.

When customers call us for vending machine technical support and assistance, they have access to our specialists who are equipped to provide product numbers and general repair information. Some problems can’t be fixed over the phone, though, which is why VendNet USA features an exclusive network of over 430 authorized vending machine technicians. These vending machine repair specialists are on call throughout the USA and ready to provide on-site assistance so your machine is back in optimal condition in no time.

Maintenance is very important, but vending machine owners also appreciate the peace of mind they have when purchasing parts and repair services from an experienced vending machine manufacturer like us. Quality parts and services from VendNet USA are guaranteed to last you a long time and reduce machine breakdown.

For soda, coffee and almost any type of vending machine, our support team is ready to provide you with whatever it is you may need. Give us a call today at 1-800-833-4411.

Free Vending Machine Bill Validator with Service School Sign-up!

Vending Machine Crash Course by VendNet USA

Make an investment in the success and growth of your business and get rewarded for it – simply register for VendNetUSA’s two-day vending machine repair class at least three weeks early and you’ll receive a bill validator or coin mech repair at no cost, good for any current model machine that hasn’t been vandalized.

VendNet USA’s service classes help vending operators learn how to perform simple techniques for troubleshooting and repair so you can keep your machines – and your business – operating as smoothly as possible.

Classes are held at the company’s school in Des Moines, Iowa and cover topics related to cold drink, hot drink, cold and frozen food and snack vending machine repair. Learn how to troubleshoot problems, replace parts and perform many common repairs to keep your machines in good working order from a leading provider of vending machine repair services.

To learn more about our two-day vending machine repair class, click here or call 1-888-VENDNET.


Water Vendor 3551 Vending Machine Manual

Water Vendor 3551 Vending Machine ManualLooking for a manual for your vending machine? Here at VendNet USA, we’ve made it easy to find the manual you need. Whether you need to service your machine or figure out which part needs replacing, we’ve got you covered. 

Click here to view the manual the Water Vendor 3551 (water and drink vending dispenser). 

Can’t find the manual you’re looking for? Give us a call at 1-888-VENDNET. 

Summer Special!! $50 off Conlux Coin Mech or Bill Validator with trade in!

Time to replace or upgrade your coin mech or bill validator? The time couldn’t be better. From now through August 30th, you can get $50 off any new Conlux® coin mech or bill validator simply by trading in any complete MDB unit – working or non-working.

Designed and developed by MEI, Conlux® coin mechs and bill validators are top-tier, providing reliable and consistent performance. Installed in vending machines around the globe, MEI’s unattended payment systems handle more than 2 billion transactions every week.

The terms of the trade-in couldn’t be simpler:

  • Fill out the form on our site
  • Trade in any working or non-working unit
  • Get a $50 discount from Vendnet’s competitive list price
  • New units must be shipped by the end of September

Want to learn more about the trade-in program, other vending machine discount programs or learn how to buy vending machines at the most competitive prices? Then contact Vendnet at 1-888-259-9965.


Vending Self Service Manuals Keep Your Machines Working Well

Vending machine manuals are a crucial part of your gear when you are maintaining a crew of vending machines. Yet they are also one of the easiest items to misplace, and if you buy a used machine you may not receive one to begin with. If you need to service your vending machine, but realize that the manual is nowhere to be found, VendNet USA can help.

Here at VendNet USA, we offer a large selection of self-serve digital vending machine manuals that you can download directly onto your computer or mobile device. We carry manuals for snack, drink and combo vending machines among many others. This means that you can get the information you need when you need it, even if you discover the need while in the field. 

Don’t let a misplaced manual keep you from getting use of your vending machine. Get the vending machine manuals you need right to your tablet or computer with the help of VendNet USA. Click here to browse our selection or give us a call at 1-888-VENDNET.

News: Vending Legend Roger Folz Gone at the Ripe age of 86

Being discussed in the latest vending news is the unfortunate passing of vending machine entrepreneur Roger Folz, co-founder of Folz Vending. He passed away on April 29 2014 at the ripe age of 86 after serving in the vending industry for 65 years. In 1949, Folz and his brother parlayed $600 and one machine into a vending empire that would become the first national bulk vending company. At one time, Folz Vending operated 170,000 machines located throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as business offices in both countries. In 2003, the company was sold to American Coin Merchandising Inc. which soon afterward became a part of Coinstar.

Folz was a former president of the National Bulk Vendors Association, a proponent of tax reform and an avid supporter of charitable organizations. (source)

3 Month Extension on Your Vending Machine Purchase!

One of the more nerve-wracking things about buying a vending machine is how you will take care of the maintenance and repairs. Vending machine repair is not something many people know how to do on their own. Luckily, if you buy your machine from a reputable firm, you will get warranty coverage that will help you with most of the vending machine repairs you will come across during the early periods of ownership.

VendNet USA

When you purchase a machine from VendNet USA, it will automatically come with a warranty that can help you in case your machine malfunctions. This top of the line warranty program is one of the things that set the company apart from other vending firms. In addition to offering a simple warranty, the company will help you with the process too. That means, whether you are looking to repair a faulty electrical system or you just need guidance on finding vending machine parts like springs or screws, VendNet USA has you covered.


Extended Vending Machine Warranty | VendNetUSA

The team at VendNet USA offers a bonus too. Customers who fill out their vending machine warranty information online will receive three extra months of coverage. This also helps the repair team at VendNet USA, since they have the information necessary to help you with all your vending machine repairs. The form only takes a few minutes to fill out—well worth it for most machine owners.

As you can see, a warranty is very important for machine owners and can make a big difference is helping with the care and maintenance of a machine. If you are a VendNet USA customer, don’t forget you have this valuable benefit too.