How to Replace the Start Capacitor on Your Vending Machine

Vending machine repair is a regular part of owning a vending service. Many vending machine repairs can be done easily by the machine owner. Replacing the start capacitor is one of them.

You will need a cordless drill, a straight blade screwdriver, pliers and a flashlight.

Remove everything in the pre-cool area. Unplug the refrigeration harnesses. There will be two of them. Unscrew the mounting bracket.

Remove the brackets at the bottom of the unit. Pull the refrigeration unit forward and then turn it around. To access the electrical components, push in on the bale strap. You’ll now see the start capacitor.

Pull out the start relay and and pull up the bracket. If the new start capacitor takes a different bracket, you should remove that as well.

Insert the new start capacitor, then replace the brackets and wires in the opposite order that you used to remove them. The video below can serve as a visual reference.

Make sure that everything is tight; loose connections can cause arcing, which damages your machine.

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How To Replace The Start Capacitor

Cleaning Your Vending Machine: Cold Food Machines

Keeping cold vending machines cleaned regularly helps ensure they function properly, maintaining food at the proper temperature and ensuring food dispenses the way it should.clean vending machine There’s also the visual appeal: Dirty or dusty machines are far less likely to be patronized than machines that look clean and well managed.

Here are a few guidelines to help keep your machines clean:

Open the machine and wipe down shelves, racks and any other vending machine part that looks dirty using a clean cloth dampened with warm water or a mild antibacterial cleaning solution.

Using a glass cleaner, wash the inside of the glass door and wipe off drips or streaks. To be sure the glass doesn’t become streaked or foggy, keep the door open long enough to make sure the glass is completely dry.

Wipe out the bottom of the machine as well as the dispensing tray, and pay special attention to any places here crumbs can build up or where liquids may collect, including liquid overflow areas. Once dirt and residue have been removed, wipe the area with a mild antibacterial solution and dry the area with a clean towel.

Finally, wipe down the outside of the machine including the keypads and coin dispenser.

Cleaning vending machines on a regular basis is a great way to avoid many of the operational problems dirty machines can experience. If your machine does fail to operate properly, contact us to learn about our repair services, including Mars vending machine repair.

Cleaning Your Vending Machine: Drink Machines

Drink vending can be a sticky business, and keeping your vending machines clean is essential to make them both attractive and functional for customers. These steps will keepclean vending machine your drink vending machine shining and functional.

1. Wipe down all movable parts. Open the machine to access the drink machine parts inside, and wipe down all arms and other movable parts with a damp, clean cloth and a little bit of antibacterial cleaning solution.

2. Clean the door. If the machine has a door that lets customers view inside, clean it with glass cleaner, and allow to dry completely. If the door does not allow customers to see inside, clean the outside to remove dirt, debris and finger tips.

3. Wipe down the nozzles on machines that dispense liquids, not bottles. One of the dirtiest coffee vending machine parts is the nozzle where the hot coffee comes out, so wipe this with a hot, wet cloth.

4. Clean the bottom. The bottom of the machine is where dirt and liquid build up. Clean it thoroughly, and don’t forget the opening where drinks are dispensed.

With proper attention, your vending machine will look like new after just a little bit of work. As an added bonus, these steps will keep soda vending machine parts in good working order, and give you the chance to inspect for problems.

Cleaning Your Vending Machine: Snack Machines

No one wants to eat from a dirty vending machine, but cleaning your machines on a regular basis does more than help keep sales strong – it also helps prevent maintenance problems from arising by keeping dirt and grime from working its way beneath keypads or into the machine’s interior.

Daily cleaning tasks

Ideally, machines will be cleaned each day when money is retrieved and products are Vendnet USArestocked. Daily cleaning is simple:

  • Use a glass cleaner to wipe down the front of the machine (and the sides, it they’re accessible) to remove smudges, fingerprints and grime.
  • Then use the cleaner to clean inside the glass to remove any marks made by products as they drop into the delivery tray.
  • Finally, wipe out the delivery tray to remove crumbs or dust.

Annual cleaning tasks

  • Each year, the machine’s trays should be removed and cleaned (pay special attention to greasy chip trays).
  • With the trays out, the coils can be removed and cleaned as well. Neglecting this step can cause products to stick and problems with dispensing are much more likely to occur.

Keeping your machines clean will help avoid most of the typical vending machines repair problems that can take a big chunk out of your profits. Make cleaning a part of every driver’s regular routine so these simple tasks don’t become major headaches.

Get an Education in Vending

vending machine repairsIf you’re running a vending business, whether you’re a wet-behind-the-ears newbie or a veteran of the industry, it’s probably pretty obvious that one of the best ways to increase profits and cut the costs associated with your business is to learn to maintain and troubleshoot mechanical problems that can occur from time to time. Mechanical problems cost you money in two ways: First, you need to pay a vending machines repair person to fix the machines, and second, you lose money while your machine is out of commission. What’s more, when your machine is out of commission, customers may start looking elsewhere for other machines resulting in long-term loss of sales revenue.

The answer: Learn to perform those vending machine repairs yourself. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Our two-day service school was developed to help machine owners and operators just like you learn to care for your machines so you can not only make repairs when needed, but most importantly, you can do all the little tune-ups that can help ensure your machine is in optimal operating condition. Our classes cover everything you need to know about maintaining your snack, cold drink, cold and frozen food, and hot beverage machines. Download our .pdf to learn more.

Vanilla’s On Top for Ice Cream Vending

mars vending machine repairA popular treat, ice cream’s roots are traced to ancient Persia. For centuries, this dessert has pleased palates and enticed the senses. It is also a perfect addition to any vending machine business. With the right location and reliable Mars vending machine repair, vending business owners enjoy rich profits from a delectable treat.

Vanilla Wins

The International Ice Cream Association (IICA) and its members companies annually make and distribute 85 percent of the frozen desserts U.S. consumers enjoy. In a recent poll of member companies, vanilla earned top honors as the favorite flavor followed by chocolate and butter pecan.

Select Premium Ice Creams

In addition to discovering favorite flavors, the IICA poll found that consumers like premium ice cream better than regular ice cream. Premium flavors feature a higher fat content and lower aeration, which makes them creamy, rich, and decadent.

Vending machine owners may wish to consider this data in addition to the availability of vending machine repair as they add new machines or upgrade existing machines in their inventory. By serving vanilla ice cream and other premium flavors, they realize the biggest financial profits.

Removing the Bill Validator on Your Vending Machine

vending machine repairsWe’re sure you already know that dollar bills generally collect dirt or residue on them that can clog your machine. Unfortunately, that means one of the vending machine parts you will eventually have to remove for cleaning or replacement is the bill validator. Luckily, this is one of the easier vending machine repairs to master.

For your safety, start by turning off the machine’s power switch. Always do this when performing electrical repairs to prevent damage to your machine. You will find one or two cables connecting the validator. Follow them to the connectors and unplug them.

Next remove the four nuts that hold the validator to the machine. There will be one at each corner.

To remove this vending machine part, lift and pull away from the door. Do not force the part. If you are encountering resistance, make sure that you have removed all hardware that connects the bill validator.

Our vending machines repair support line can help you troubleshoot your machines when they are not performing. Come to us for expert advice and quality parts for the machines on your route.

Choosing the Right Coffee Vending: Should You Include Tea Options?

drink machine partsAs we start the new year, the time is right for taking stock of your vending business. You do your necessary vending machine repair and replace worn drink machine parts. You may also want to take time to consider which items in your inventory have been the best sellers and which could be rotated out for more popular items. If you have beverages that are not performing, consider offering tea in their place.

Tea is the second-most common drink in the world; only water is consumed more. Americans, however, have lagged behind other countries in tea consumption. But, with more Millennials traveling abroad, tastes are changing at home. Mega-coffee corporation Starbucks recently purchased Teavana, which could put the beverage on the map the way that Starbucks did for specialty coffees.

Moreover, tea imports broke records in 2011, with 281 million pounds coming into the U.S. Among sectors of the tea market, ready-to-drink beverages saw the most growth. However, experts think that single-serve hot tea will be big in the coming year.

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Fix Your Vending Machine

vending machine repairsWith vending machines, particularly those that handle hot drinks like coffee, problems can escalate quickly if they are not handled. If one vending machine part breaks, it can cause others to fail, as well. And, when your machines aren’t working, they are not making money for you. If a machine is inoperable for too long, it can even threaten your relationship with the spot hosting it, causing them to decide that they no longer wish to use your machines.

To maintain your income and your positive relationship, inspect your machines regularly. Make sure they are clean and vend correctly. If you do spot a problem, order parts as soon as possible and do all of the necessary repairs.

And, don’t forget, if you are having trouble with vending machine repairs, you can come to us for assistance. Our vending machines repair technical support service can help you diagnose the issues, pick out the right vending machine parts and get your machines back in running shape in no time.

Choosing the Right Coffee Vending: Location, Location, Location

coffee vending machine partsAs one of the most popular drinks in the world, coffee provides numerous health benefits, increases productivity and wakes up the drinker. This popularity, as well as the availability of reliable coffee vending machine parts, makes coffee vending a potentially lucrative option for many business owners. The location of hot drink machines, however, highly influences their profitability.

Think Outside the Box

Waiting rooms, office buildings, and convenience stores are typical locations of coffee vending machines. Here, consumers quickly access hot beverages whenever they want. Take temperature into consideration–hot laundromats and warm beaches, will not provide a lucrative income from hot coffee sales.

Alternative locations with public access give vending machine owners access to an even larger demographic, carve a niche and build profits. Airports, bus depots and shopping centers enjoy heavy foot traffic. Likewise, sports stadiums, public arenas and downtown areas serve as prime locations for coffee vending machines, particularly ones that offer gourmet selections like flavored creamers, espresso and lattes.

When deciding where to place a coffee vending machine, location plays a big role in profits. In fact, after ensuring the availability of drink machine parts, location should be the next consideration as the machine’s owner seeks to boost sales and profits.