Get an Education in Vending

vending machine repairsIf you’re running a vending business, whether you’re a wet-behind-the-ears newbie or a veteran of the industry, it’s probably pretty obvious that one of the best ways to increase profits and cut the costs associated with your business is to learn to maintain and troubleshoot mechanical problems that can occur from time to time. Mechanical problems cost you money in two ways: First, you need to pay a vending machines repair person to fix the machines, and second, you lose money while your machine is out of commission. What’s more, when your machine is out of commission, customers may start looking elsewhere for other machines resulting in long-term loss of sales revenue.

The answer: Learn to perform those vending machine repairs yourself. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Our two-day service school was developed to help machine owners and operators just like you learn to care for your machines so you can not only make repairs when needed, but most importantly, you can do all the little tune-ups that can help ensure your machine is in optimal operating condition. Our classes cover everything you need to know about maintaining your snack, cold drink, cold and frozen food, and hot beverage machines. Download our .pdf to learn more.

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