Can I Get a Refill? Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Vending Machines

Nothing says “Good Morning!” like a delicious, freshly brewed coffee. Other than the obvious caffeine jolt it provides, a piping-hot, strong coffee warms you from the inside. Coffee’s popularity has turned it into a necessity for a majority of the population world-wide.

Perhaps that’s why espresso vending machines are so profitable. Owning a coffee vending machine and can help you capitalize on the vending industry while providing a service your customers and employees will thank you for time and time again. Here are some FAQs we’re often asked when savvy business owners begin their research into coffee vending machines.

Why should I invest in an espresso vending machine?

An average specialty coffee drink at a gourmet coffee shop costs about $2.50, and consumers are willing to pay the price! The same is true in vending; consumers are willing to pay a premium for a quality cup of coffee, cappuccino and more.

Where do I start?

Begin by looking into the make and model of the coffee vending machine you’d like to purchase. Once you’ve settled on your machine of choice, you can begin ordering supplies, testing out the popularity of different items, and learning more about servicing your coffee machine on your own.

What should I order to stock my machine?

Here at VendNet USA, we offer the king of coffee vending suppliers: Aristocrat Premium Fresh Brew Coffee. Check out this chart for a general picture of how much product you should be stocking your machine with. This obviously varies based on make/model, cup size, and your budget, so make sure to speak to a representative before placing your first order.

How do I service my machine?

If your vending machine is in need of fixing, we can supply you with comprehensive vending machine repair and diagnosis services as well as vending machine parts and products. It’s important to keep your coffee vending machine working to continue making a profit.

Ready to make this “bold” move? Get in touch with a representative of VendNet USA right here and start brewing up the profits! Want to learn more? Visit this page for more coffee vending machine information.

4 Simple Vending Machine Maintenance Tips for New Vending Operators

You may be a new vending operator, or just need a refresh on vending machine maintenance – the key to a properly functioning vending machine is preventative maintenance, here we have 4 tips that will give you peace of mind now, and in the future:

Keep It Powered

It may seem simple, but we see this a lot. Sometimes you think your vending machine just stopped working, and when we come out for a service check, it’s simply not plugged in. Many machines have some sort of control board in them. Make sure your machines are plugged into an electrical outlet so they function properly. You can always reset your circuit breaker if the outlet isn’t working. Check the connections to all of the vending components, as they can get loose.

Keep It Clean

Your vending machine, is beyond anything, a machine  – and machines need to stay clean in order to function properly for extended periods of time. Keep the pathways for the bill validator and coin mechanism clean to ensure proper function. Always retest the machine before leaving it. Keep the refrigeration system clean. You can use air or even a brush to keep the lint out of the refrigeration unit area.

Keep It Primed

When setting up new products in your machine, you must prime each selection. Priming is the action of testing a new selection in your machine until it is ready to be vended. During this process it helps to keep your machine level.

Keep It Priced Right

A common complaint from vending customers is that the pricing is not set up correctly. Take the time to set the price in accordance with the correct product in your machine. It is helpful to test each new selection and product as well. This will help limit the number of service calls you will have to make.

Overall, the vending machine business is fascinating, with lots of opportunity for growth. Take the time to make preventative measures in your vending business.

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Download Vending Machine Parts and Service Manuals Instantly

VendNet USA offers you the chance to download vending machine parts and service manuals onto your tablet or computer.


Before installing your new vending machine parts or calling for vending machine service, make sure you know where they go and how the system should work. As part of our comprehensive service, VendNet USA offers manuals for many major vending machines and snack machines. With both vending machine part manuals and service manuals, available in both Spanish and English, you can troubleshoot your machines before calling for vending machine service, giving you a greater return on investment.


The convenient PDF format makes it simple to search for the information you want, and the instant download option puts help in your hands quickly. We offer parts and service manuals for snack machines, soda machines, cold and frozen food machines, refrigerated combination machines and coffee machines. If you have another type of vending machine, you can find the manual in the miscellaneous vending machines section. Advanced programming manuals for your vending machine are also available for more complex repair needs.


If you’ve found your manual on our website and realized that you can’t troubleshoot the problem on your own, trust VendNet USA for comprehensive vending machine repairs and services. Our technical service department will walk you through the problems and help you find a workable solution, so you can get your machine up and running quickly. Not sure which manual you need or which part will fix your problem? Again, our technical service professionals are here to point you in the right direction. Simply give us a call to get started: 1-800-833-4411.


We have Parts-Service Vending Machine Manuals for:

Snack Vending Machines

Soda Vending Machines

Cold & Frozen Food Vending Machines

Refrigerated Combination Vending Machines

Hot Coffee Vending Machines

Miscellaneous Vending Machines/Equipment

Your team at VendNet USA is here to help you with all your vending machine repairs. Contact us by phone at 1-888-836-3638 or web today to get started!

Preventative Maintenance of Vending Machines Can Increase Profits

It’s no secret that the best medicine is preventative. This is true for the health, finance, construction, and vending industries; almost every industry can benefit from preventing issues before they actually occur.

Once you purchase or lease a vending machine, maintaining it is the next step in ensuring your profits are going to stay healthy. Maintaining your vending machine can help with decreasing the number of emergency calls you make to last minute repair people. While some emergency calls are unforeseeable, regular maintenance utilizing prevention techniques will help to drive down surprise costs.

Everyone’s goal is to maximize revenue, so we’ve developed a quick list of preventative measures anyone can take to preserve your profit margins:

Stop Predictable Problems:

Prevention is key to avoiding bigger problems. We all know a cheeseburger a day is not exactly prevention for heart disease, but eating more vegetables is preventative for your health. Take preventative measures again predictable problems, like for example changing the water filters in your coffee vending machine, or cleaning the bill acceptor to avoid jamming. Clean the compressor on cold or frozen food dispensers.

Sharpen your repair skills: Learning how to take care of vending machines is so easy now. We offer vending machine repair and technician classes where you can stay up to date on keeping your machine on track. If you opt not to do it yourself, staying in good communication with a reliable technician is a huge proponent in saving money on the repairs that are out of your scope.

Keep maintenance records: Just like any other industry, there are parts and bits that are used in the operation of your vending machine business that need to be replaced, and that have a certain lifespan. You have to know when certain products are low and about to expire, keeping good records of these things can certainly prevent the need to replace them more often, since you will not be purchasing unnecessary additional replacement parts.

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Storing Your Vending Machines

When considering all the logistics that go into the start-up of a vending business, one of the big questions you must answer is how you will store your machines while you are trying to land the great locations for those machines. There are a few different options out there. We’d like to share some information on each of those options with you. Depending on your situation, one or more of these may be right for you.

The first option is that you could have the machines shipped to a warehouse that stores business equipment. Many of the big vending franchises utilize this approach. It is convenient but it comes with a large price tag. The warehouse will typically charge you thirty-five to forty dollars per month to store each machine. They can often deliver the machine direct to the location for around three hundred dollars as well. We have connections and we can offer this option if you are interested in this.

The second option is that you could have the machines shipped right to your house and store them in your garage. This is a nice option because it is free. You can also play around with those machines right there at your home, which is great if you are new to the business. The downfall of this option is that the machines will take up your car space, which is valuable real estate.

Another option is for you to rent a storage unit. This is also a less expensive route. A 10’x10’ unit is typically around one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars per month and will fit approximately nine vending machines. The downside of this option is that you will have to move your machines to their locations on your own or pay for someone to come and move them for you. However, this is a very economical way to store them until they go out to locations.

Your last option is a great option that we are now providing. At the Discount Vending Store, we are offering one month of free storage on select machines. We will store your machines here in our warehouse and send them out to your locations as you find them. Should you need more than a month of storage, we can provide longer storage for a small additional fee. This option allows you to purchase multiple machines at our multiple machine discounted price. Additionally, we don’t always have all our machines in stock as the availability on each of our machines comes and goes. So, if you see the machines you want, you can purchase them now and let us store them for you until that perfect location is secured.

Any one of these four options would be a great one. You simply need to analyze your requirements and your budget and make the best choice for you and your business.

Newsline 2017: Healthy Vending Machine Trends

As one of the premier vending machine repair, parts, and service sites, VendNetUSA looks at a lot of vending machines. That gives us the unique position to be able to see what types of products and trends are showing up, often before any individual vendor notices the change in their sales analysis. The current uptick in health food items has been developing over a few years, but is really entering a whole new level of demand. There are three specific trends to follow closely this year and implement in your vending machine business.

  • Fresher Options. Even with the new wave of vending machines that make drinks and snacks to order, or offer frozen or refrigerated options, customers are looking for snack items that have less processing, fewer additives, and provide more macronutrients. Vendors cannot simply offer Red Delicious apples; consumers want fruits, nuts, smoothies, and even more exotic whole food options like edamame or even salads.
  • Balanced Choices. Beyond fresh whole food selections, customers are also seeking more balanced and nutritious options, particularly in the form of various protein, health, and granola bars. Vending machines have rapidly shifted from being a semi-reliable source of junk food to a normalized font of wholesome snacks.
  • Free Selections. By no means are we advocating a profitless sales system. Instead, -free refers to the trend of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and other -free classifications of health foods consumers are looking for in their vending goodies. We have found that numbers of customers with dietary needs have risen astronomically over the past three to five years and continues to climb, unabated.  Providing reasonable refreshment and even treats to these special classifications of buyers allows vendors to capture whole new markets–buyers who previously couldn’t utilize vending machines as a reasonable source of nutrition.

Vending machines started in the 1880’s as a way of dispensing novelties, and only later transitioned into providing drinks and sustenance. When they proliferated in the middle of the last century, vending machines acquired a reputation as a quick and dirty way to grab a bite, but without any healthful benefits. It is now our turn to change the messaging behind the machines from pre-packaged candies to nutritious, delicious, and specialized selections for every consumer. To learn more about VendNet USA’s vending machine repair, parts, and services, please visit our website or blog.


The Top 4 Tips for Opening a New Vending Location

What does it take for a vending location to succeed; that is, to create and sustain sales? Having the right location isn’t the only factor, though it does help. Having a terrific product is also helpful, but that alone won’t guarantee growth.  The newest, flashiest machines with the latest technology can also be a draw. Having a dedicated and professional staff for vending machine repair and maintenance is also important. Ultimately, a successful vending location has all these and more. Neglecting even one area may result in failure. Here are our tips, garnered from years of achievement and profit with vending machines.

  • Have a well researched location to meet your needs. Whether your business model is focused on a high traffic area or on repeat business, it’s vital that you know what your business goals are before you select a location, not the other way around.
  • Offer the best product your customers want. This seems somewhat obvious, but there is a subtle difference between the best products your customers want and the best products available. Knowing your consumer base, their spending habits, and their shopping predilections can prevent you from making an inconvenient and costly mistake in stock.
  • Take advantage of technology, not the other way around. From cash-free payment options to wireless enabled stocking and sales stats, the amount of data available to a vending machine operator is greater than any other time in history. Getting bogged down in this much information is a real concern, as is trying to launch fancy technological advances in locations that may not have the right user base.
  • Maintenance saves money. While every item we own may break at some point in its life, the value of preventive vending machine repair and maintenance cannot be overstated here. A broken machine is at best a fancy column to lean on, and at worst can actually cut into your bottom line.

Ultimately, your success, achievements, and profit as a vending machine owner or operator is limited only by the amount of research, diligence, and elbow grease you are willing to put in. That’s part of what makes vending machines such an appealing line of business–the ability to dictate your own business and results.

Vending Goes Mobile

It’s clear to see how new technologies and mobile devices have become fully embedded into our current society.  With nearly two thirds of Americans owning smartphones and thousands of apps available for facilitating day to day activities, it’s time to look at how the vending machine industry can capitalize on this growing trend.  

Research conducted by USA Technologies on the use of Apple Pay in vending machines suggests consumers are more likely to not only make a purchase, but also more likely to spend more on their purchase if the technology is available.  

The study found that after 24 weeks there was a 36.5% increase in overall sales and a 55.5% increase in revenue.  As more and more businesses begin to implement these mobile technologies, Apple Pay and other smartphone technologies will soon become the norm for transaction payments.

Vendors should consider mobile payment for the following advantages inherent in its use:

  • Ease to use. Smart technologies are designed to be intuitive. Apple Pay interfaces are easy to use, and not just for individuals who are familiar with Apply products.
  • Security of transactions. Beyond convenience, there is a growing need for increased security in transaction payments.  After multiple incidents of credit card breaches and fraud, it is incredibly important for customers to feel safe when making a purchase.  Apple Pay provides consumers a secure method of payment designed by a brand they know and trust.
  • Convenience in a busy world. We live in a time where convenience is the number one priority for consumers.  With the growing amount of options, if a customer is not able to find that convenience with your company they will just go somewhere else that can.  It has become absolutely crucial in the business world to keep up with trending technologies.

With the obvious financial success and increased customer satisfaction, mobile payment is the next step for the vending machine. Visit our website to learn more about vending machine repair, maintenance, and upgrades.

Free Vending For Your Office?

It is no mystery that in today’s competitive employee market, finding and keeping employees does have a lot to do with offering employee perks. No matter how small or large your business, keeping your employees happy is always on the priority list. What better way to keep employees happy than offering them free snacks and drinks they can enjoy throughout the day?

Benefits of free vending for your employees:

Low cost, high value.

Providing free vending machine offerings to your employees can seem trivial from the surface, but these little things are aspects of an employer-employee relationship that many people attribute value to. With a relatively low-cost threshold, this offering indicates to your employees that you value them, and are a generous employer.

Less hungry, less time away from tasks.

Productivity is not a new term, since the inception of employer-employee relationships, productivity has been in the mix. Being hungry is a very distracting state of being. Although an entire day of worth nutrition is not usually found in a vending machine, a free snack can certainly deter someone from nodding off into unproductive land.

Opportunity for nutrition education

Some may not jump to nutritional benefits when thinking of food from a vending machine, but in today’s age we now have the ability to provide healthy snacking options dispensed one at a time. It is far too easy to eat unhealthy when at the workplace. By providing healthy snacking options, you have the chance to educate your employees about the benefits of choosing a healthier snacking option, for free, while at the workplace.

To stay abreast of current and developing trends in the vending industry, stay in touch with VendNet at our blog and on our social media sites. We are here to meet your vending machine repair and acquisition needs.

Future Directions of the Vending Industry

In previous decades, vending machines were on the cutting edge of convenience for on-the-go lifestyles. However, in recent years, the advent of ubiquitous on-demand food delivery services and other trends have outpaced the innovation of the vending industry. Vending machines are also sometimes dogged by their stereotype of housing predominantly unhealthy, sugar-packed candies and snack foods.

To stay ahead of the curve, vending machines are being utilized in new and innovative ways that are in line with emerging healthy living values. Some of the trends vending machines are embracing, or may move toward in the near future, include the following.

  • More Health-Conscious Options. With obesity levels among adults and children alike continuing to rise, the call for convenient and healthy eating choices grows louder. While it is challenging to stock healthier, perishable items like fruits and vegetables in a vending machine, such offerings appeal to the growing number of individuals who are looking to improve their eating habits.
  • Convenient Non-Food Offerings. How many times have you gotten to the gym only to realize you forgot some essential item–headphones, a hair tie, a towel? A vending machine can stock such goods for individual sale, along with other convenient offerings, such as pre- or post-workout shakes and supplements. Possibilities for frequently forgotten but essential items in a variety of settings could be an elusive trend as the vending industry continues to evolve.
  • Machines that Decide for You. Instead of selecting your choice, imagine being able to tell the machine what you are looking for–sweet or salty? A particular calorie range? A set price point?–and then the machine telling you what your best option is. Now THAT is the future!

To stay abreast of current and developing trends in the vending industry, stay in touch with VendNet at our blog and on our social media sites. We are here to meet your vending machine repair and acquisition needs.