Pet-Friendly Vending

With all the vending technology available to vending machine manufacturers today, it is no surprise that the sizes, shapes and features of machines are constantly changing. Vending technology can come in some surprising forms as well. A young girl named Brooke Martin has developed a vending machine (of sorts) for your dog!

Her invention, the iCPooch combines video chatting capabilities available on most computers and smart phones with a small device that dispenses treats for dogs. It might not have all of the complex vending machine parts found in traditional machines, but the simplicity of this machine gives owners an easy way to interact with their favorite pets from anywhere in the world.

The machine has audio and video outputs so your dog can hear and see you. When you have their attention, there is a feature that allows you to remotely drop a treat for your pet.

This project is currently being funded as a Kickstarter project has around a third of the funds it needs to fund the project. Vend Net USA loves seeing creative new vending ideas like this!

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