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Coffee & Hot Beverage Vendors – Clearing Jams in Bill & Coin Collectors.

April VendNet BLOG

Beverages have become an essential part of today’s work culture. Even project modules are broken down based on the amount of coffee involved. For most, a cup of coffee is a routine set in place to begin your day. You visit the coffee vending machine and “clink,” dunk your coin, and “whoosh” comes the beverage of your choice. It all seems so easy.   

Not always! There are countless reasons that cause the occasional hiccup in the local coffee vending machine. And much like an uncontrolled nuclear reaction, when the vending machine comes to a grinding halt, it leads to a chain reaction that ultimately ends with frustration and despair. 

Making sure that employees have access to the elixir is not really that difficult, though. Timely and periodic maintenance is the solution, similar to many other problems.  That is why it is necessary to learn ways to enhance and maintain your vending machines, especially your coffee vending machines. 

In this blog, we take a look at some of the common troubleshooting steps for clearing jams in coins and bill collectors that can create unwarranted drama around the caffeine corner. 

Clearing Jam in Coin Acceptor

There can be several reasons that may cause a jam in a Coin Acceptor. Wear and tear over the years, accumulation of debris, and blockage due to foreign objects can all hinder the normal functioning of the overall system.

A Red DIS flashing: Indication of possible obstruction in the coin discriminator 

If you come across a red DIS flashing light or cannot take coins from your Conlux MCM model coin mechanism, you may have encountered one of the possible scenarios that would require opening up a few of the parts.

A simple workaround is to gently open the cover behind the coin channel to examine for coin jams, obstruction, or other debris. If found, you could remove the block by sliding your finger across the coin channel. You’re good to go! 

Obstruction Beyond the Coin Channel Neighborhood

For obstructions in other parts of the coin mechanism, open the coin funnel and open the acceptor gate to clear out any obstacle you may find.  

Inspecting the Coin Cassette 

Periodic inspection of the coin cassette for obstruction or any misalignment is a healthy practice. Push down on the white finger tap to open the coin cassette. Ensure that the white slider is in the cassette and not lodged at the bottom of the mechanism. 


If the coin jam issue persists, you may have to remove the coin discriminator portion from the coin mechanism to examine other jams.

Clearing Jam from the Bill Acceptor:

Like the Coin Acceptor, you may occasionally have to clear note jams from the bill acceptors. Let us look at some common troubleshooting steps to help fix note jams.

Locating the Bill Collector 

Accessibility to the bill acceptor will vary based on the model of the vending machine. Ideally, you may require a manager pin or a passcode for access. The bill acceptor is housed inside the door. The number of light flashes across it indicates the issue with the bill acceptor.

Diagnostic Indicators
The varying rate of LED flashes points to the possible issues with the bill acceptor. For instance, continuous, slow flashes indicate failure of the unit and the need for replacement. Similarly, fast and continuous flashes mean that the stacker is full.


The first step is to unhook the LED housing from the main unit. Press up the metal pin and pull it outwards. Now inspect the unit for any debris or obstruction that could possibly be causing the jam. If any, remove the obstruction and hook the unit back in.


Locate a blue button on top of the bill acceptor. Push the blue button on top of the bill box toward the door to remove it. Inspect the compartment for jams in both the validation and the box. Flip open the blue color doors and check for any obstruction.



Normally, the steps should help clear out any obstruction and get the machine up and running. In the unlikely event that the self-troubleshooting doesn’t work, then you may reach out for additional support to Vendnet through 1-800-833-4411.

Are You Prepared for Winter?

The weather has finally begun to cool off, which means customer cravings are going to start switching from an ice-cold beverage to a piping hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Is your hot beverage vending machine prepared to serve your customers?

While you should be performing regular maintenance routines on all of your vending equipment to increase the life of your equipment, you may find that hot beverage machines require a different type of upkeep than your snack vending machines. 

One example of hot beverage maintenance that should be performed, whether you are just receiving your machine or you are replacing a current part, is installing a cup chute fixed mount. Your cup chute fixed mount is an essential aspect of your hot beverage machine. When a customer makes a selection on the machine, a cup is brought down via the chute. Then, it is filled with the selected product. Without a properly working cup chute fixed mount, the cup will not drop down and the customer will not receive their product.

Watch the video below to walk through the process and call Vendnet today at 1-800-833-4411 for other hot beverage details.


The Importance of and How to Properly Clean Your Coffee Vending Machine

coffeeNot only does the well-being of your office workers rely on the cleanliness of your vending machine, but it’s also required by law that you keep it clean and sanitized. Here’s a closer look at how to keep your vending machine clean.

Perform Maintenance Regularly

First and foremost, to keep your vending machine as clean as possible as well as to reduce the cleaning time, make sure to have it serviced regularly. No matter the products that you are dispensing from your machine, it should be both cleaned and restocked appropriately. An impaired functionality of your machine will only result in reduced professionalism as well as employee complaints.

Use Cleaning Settings

Many of today’s more modern vending machines, especially those that dispense customized beverages, come with their own cleaning settings. For example, a coffee vending machine needs to have its internal mixing bowls cleaning regularly with hot water. By using cleaning settings, you can rest assured that these bowls will be cleaned automatically. Much of the time, the cleaning settings on these machines can be accessed only by authorized individuals. You must make sure the appropriate employees have access to these settings.

Clean the Cooling Fans

Vending machines with fans need to have them dusted at least once a week. For vending machines that are in dusty areas, such as factories, more frequent dusting of these fans may be needed.

Clean the Spillage Tray

The spillage tray is the tray that can be touched by your employees when picking up their coffee or other vending products. This part usually has to be cleaned manually on a daily basis. With basic kitchen cleaner or vinegar, you can wipe down this tray and then reinsert it.

Descale Your Machine

No matter the cleaning features that your vending machine boasts, it is crucial that it be descaled and cleaned according to the amount of traffic that it normally sees. A machine that gets used over 20 times a day should be descaled and cleaned manually at least once a week. For machines that get used more than 100 times a day, daily cleaning may be needed.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking to stock your coffee vending machine, make sure to fill it with any of the delectable tastings offered through VendNet USA:

  • Soluble Vending tea
  • Value Blend Fresh Brew Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Freeze Dry Coffee
  • French Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Fresh Brew Decaf
  • And many more

The #1 Spot for Your Coffee Vending Machine Product Refills

Coffee_time_(2410222127)Having a coffee vending machine in your business is one of the best ways to keep customers and clients happy at all times. You never have to worry about which employee forgot to brew another cup of coffee, for example, or how long a particular pot has been sitting out. At any given moment, someone is only seconds away from the type of fresh, hot and delicious coffee that will keep them propelled throughout the day.

After you purchase your drink vending machine, however, there are a few key things to keep in mind. For starters, you’ll have to purchase product refills on a regular basis to help keep the machine stocked as often as possible. Additionally, even the best designed machines will eventually develop issues and parts will sometimes need to be replaced. When you find yourself in those types of situations, there is only one online source that you need to remember: VendNet USA.

VendNet USA: The #1 Spot for Your Coffee Vending Machine Product Refills

Instead of trying to source all of the products you need through multiple distributors (and paying hugely inflated prices as a result), you can get everything you want and more through VendNet USA. The site offers a huge variety of different coffees, teas and other delicious hot beverages that will keep everyone as happy as possible at all times. The site offers great products like gourmet hot chocolate, soluble vending tea, premium fresh brew coffee and more. Everything that you could ever need is all conveniently located under one roof.

Ordering Your Items

Purchasing coffee vending machine refills, vending machine parts and other items on the VendNet USA site is a straightforward experience that will only take a few quick moments of your time. First, if you know the specific type of refill you’d like to purchase or the part you’d like to browse, you can enter its name or SKU into the “Search” box on the upper right corner of the screen. Once you locate the listing for the item you’re looking for, you need only to click the “Add to Cart” button to begin the checkout process.

If you’re looking for vending machine parts but aren’t quite sure where to start, you can use the “Parts Price List” hyperlink at the top of the screen. You can also click the “Search Catalog” button to gain access to more advanced search options that will help make finding specific items easier than ever before.

To browse our extensive collection of coffee vending machine product refills, click here.

Can Coffee Be Good for Eyesight?




Coffee Vending Machine - Caffeine Effects on Eyesight

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks, and it’s no wonder vending machine owners frequently contact Vendnet to order coffee vending machine parts. However, Cornell University researchers have discovered that this beverage does more than caffeinate morning commuters. Coffee also protects eyesight.

On average, raw coffee contains one percent caffeine. Even better, it contains between seven and nine percent chlorogenic acid. This natural chemical compound, a beneficial antioxidant, has been proven to reduce retinal degeneration in rodents. Protecting the retina is vital for good eyesight because its light-sensitive and nerve cells organize the visual images it receives.

Retinal degeneration can be caused by lack of oxygen, age, diabetes or glaucoma. Consumers can combat it by drinking regulated amounts of coffee daily. As coffee consumption increases, vending machine owners will find an even greater need for drink machine parts as they provide consumers with the aid to maintaining healthy eyesight.

Demand for Iced Coffee Increases

Coffee vending products

Most American adults drink coffee. MarketVendingWatch.com, an industry news website, reports that more adult American coffee drinkers are drinking iced coffee rather than hot coffee. Industry market research firm, Mintel, tracked the rate of iced drinks served in coffee specialty shops and restaurants in the United States.

In response to consumer demand, more restaurants, coffee shops and fast food businesses are serving iced coffee and specialty drinks. Between 2009 and the first quarter of 2013, iced beverage sales increased from 19% of menu items to 24%. This prompted many businesses that served iced coffee beverages, to add the drinks to their permanent menu, not just as a seasonal offering.

A higher number (38%) of young Americans between 18 and 24 drink iced beverages. The percentage of American adults who drink iced coffee is 2%.

The first office-quality iced coffee machine was released in 2008. In 2010, Keurig introduced the brew-over-ice theme. Major brands are creating products for the vending machine industry.

The office coffee service channels make these popular products available to the vending machine industry. Good marketing tactics require that companies have a supply of all necessary coffee vending machine parts. Profitable cold drink or other beverage sales depend on having the right drink machine parts or other vending machine parts. Having a supply of necessary parts on hand at all times is the key to supporting a steady stream of sales.

Capitalizing on Coffee

When choosing a vending machine product, you can’t go wrong with coffee. The National Coffee Association’s figures say that eighty-three percent of American adults drink the stuff, with average consumption sitting at three cups per day. And, the number of coffee lovers continues to grow.

coffee vending products Satisfy their needs by adding a range of standard and premium coffee choices to your vending offerings. There are a number of machines available that offer both hot and iced coffee, as well as choice like lattes, espresso and even high end freshly-ground beans. Cups of coffee from a premium coffee machine are an affordable luxury and your customers will love the chance to treat themselves.

Vend Net USA has the coffee vending machine products and parts to keep your machines in working order and your thirsty customers happy. You can find drink and snack vending machine parts on our site or contact our helpful and responsive customer service at 1-800-833-4411.

Why People Are Willing to Pay More for Premium Coffee – Coffee Vending Machine Products

coffee vending products

Coffee might easily be considered one of the most popular beverages in America. People drink it every morning, stop for coffee on their way to work, run to their favorite coffee shop to get coffee during breaks, and often hang out there, working when work needs to be done outside of the office. The phenomenal success of Starbucks is proof that when people find something they really like, they’re willing to pay more for it. Starbucks lovers are a loyal bunch. They’re willing to go out of their way, if that’s what it takes to get their daily fix. The brand is so popular that it is even sold in supermarkets, both in ground and whole bean form.

Choosing Between Budget Friendly or Premium

There are some times when you can buy a cheaper product and get something that’s pretty good for the money. Then there are times when the premium product just screams at you. Those premium brands love that. They are willing to go to extremes to entice and entertain you, all to win you over to their product or brand.

Capitalizing on the Popularity of Coffee in Vending Machines

If you already have a coffee vending machine, your profits depend on upkeep, maintenance and timely vending machine Repairs. As long as you have the right coffee vending machine parts, you can turn your vending machine into one that delivers premium coffee beverages, including cappuccino, flavored cappuccino, other premium coffees. You will need different drink machine parts to offer hot chocolate and tea beverages from the same hot beverage vending machine.

Giving Back to Loyal Customers

The National Coffee Association reports the number of Americans claiming to drink coffee rose from 78 percent in 2012 to 83 percent in 2013. A five percent increase in the number of coffee drinkers in the United States in a year is solid proof that coffee is a popular drink, and there is huge potential for businesses who bring coffee into the work place by participating n new programs in the the businesses like the still untapped office coffee service industry.

Consider the successes of coffee businesses like Starbucks who have had great success by taking advantage of technological advances that make it possible to launch coffee loyalty programs customers can sign up for on their smartphones. Coffee companies know that more than half of American cellphone users have smartphones. It only makes sense that they take advantage of the potential of mobile loyalty programs.

coffee vending machine products

Colloquy statistics offer proof of that success. Between 2010 and 2012, membership in American coffee loyalty programs grew by 26.7 percent, resulting in 2.65 billion total coffee loyalty programs in the nation by 2012. Starbucks started their perks program six years ago. The program gives registered members free drink refills, use of in-store WiFi, and it lets them add flavored syrups to their drinks at no extra cost. Caribou started a similar program in January of 2014. Other smaller coffee companies are starting their own programs.

Mobile coffee loyalty programs have yet to catch in vending machines yet, but in 2013, two companies, Isis and USA Technologies, introduced a coffee loyalty program for vending machines. The program encourages mobile phone users to pay for their drinks with their smartphones. The program gives participants a free drink after buying four drinks in a vending machine and paying for them via smartphone.

Vending machine can be a very lucrative form of business. The ease of service and minimal disruption are also important benefits for businesses. Profitability is directly linked to how well the machines work, and whether there are disruptions in service because of breakdowns and missing parts. The best way to make sure interruptions are short-lived is by making sure that the business stocks all necessary coffee vending machine parts, drink machine parts, or snack vending machine parts.

How to Stock Your Vending Machine: Iced vs Hot Coffee

Since the first coffee vending machines were introduced in 1946, coffee has remained one of the most popular mainstays of the vending industry. Today, specialized coffee machines offer a wide selection of coffee-based drinks so customers can get their favorite caffeine fix wherever they may be.vending products

While hot coffee machines may be more common, iced coffee is an increasingly more popular choice in machines where it’s offered – especially during the summer months and at gyms and sports facilities. Iced coffee offers a refreshing alternative to hot coffee with lower levels of acidity and less caffeine, thanks to the added ice. Even more importantly, there’s no risk of being burned by iced coffee and there’s no need to wait while the temperature of hot coffee decreases to the point where you can actually enjoy it.

Adding an iced coffee machine can substantially increase your profits and build your customer base, and Vendnet USA’s line of coffee vending machine parts and other drink machine parts, you can find the parts and equipment you need to keep your machines up and running.

In addition to its comprehensive selection of coffee vending machine parts and drink machine parts, Vendnet USA also carries parts for other types of machines including vending machine manuals for all major machine manufacturers.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 1-888-VENDNET.