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Teaming Up for Small Business Success

A lot of vending businesses, especially when you are starting out, run on a pretty lean business model. Small budgets, insufficient employees or other unforeseen problems that plague small businesses often cause serious problems with the cash flow of businesses. Especially when your machines are not functioning properly or have completely broken down, having the resources available to correct problems quickly and efficiently is key to staying profitable and servicing your customers.

Vend Net USA is at your service to help keep your business up and running by supplementing  your business with a reliable and efficient vending machine repairs and other technical services. Whenever your vending machines are not functioning properly, you are losing out on revenue. For small businesses this can mean the difference between making a profit that month or having to figure out where to cut the budget for next month.

Vending can be a very rewarding business but trying to tackle all of the obstacles of owning and operating a small business all by yourself is too much. Let us help your business succeed!

Megatron Vending Performance

For many people, the fall means the return of one of America’s favorite sports: football. College and professional football seasons are in full-swing and if you are looking for talented players to watch or add to your fantasy football rosters, there are few better choices than Detroit Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Johnson recently appeared in a commercial for sports news television station ESPN where he made his nickname of Megatron a reality by transforming into a vending machine in order to hide from an ESPN anchor. As soon as the anchor in search of Johnson strolls around the corner, there are a few Transformers sounds and by the time we see Johnson again he has reassembled into vending machine parts and become a soda vending machine.

Compared to the rest of the Transformers, who can often change into sports cars, jet planes or tanks, Johnson’s transformation into a vending machine is not the most exciting. This transformation would be very useful for hiding around any urban area or office complex.

Vend Net USA can help you with repairs and parts for just about any vending machine, as long as it is not an NFL super star transformed into a soda vending machine.