Vending Machine for Bike Repairs

According to an article from, Crystal City in Virginia will be hosting two bicycling events over the next two weeks. Vend Net USA took an interest in these events because they will be incorporating one of the city’s newest vending machines.

We are used to discussing services for vending machine repairs and parts, but this vending machine is the one responsible for repairs and parts. The bike vending machine does not vend bikes, but instead, it vends tools and parts needed to repair bikes. The machine also features a bicycle mount that will hold your bike while you make the necessary repairs. The station also features an air pump station to keep bike tires inflated.

Machines such as this will help keep bicyclists on the road, especially during big bike events. It is also a way for small bike shops to expand the reach of their business without having to open new locations. Like all vending machines, these bike repair machines can be placed in high-traffic areas that will provide a service and products to customers right where they need it.

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