Vending Machine Repair for Unexpected Guests

VendnetUSAMaintaining a vending machine can be quite the task, especially given the unpredictability of man-made technology. You’re probably expecting your machine to have the occasional power problem or product shortage, but what if a furry friend suddenly found its way inside your device?

According to MSN, an innocent little kitten managed to get stuck inside of a Dr. Pepper machine, an incident most vending machine repair professionals aren’t used to dealing with. Fortunately, the baby cat was safely brought out of the device, and was named “Pepper” by its loving new owner.

While adorable animals aren’t a common catalyst of vending machine repair, plenty of other factors will put you in a spot where fixing your machine is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, Vendnet USA is here to service your every vending need. Whether your machine has suffered an unexpected meltdown or you simply need more soda vending machine parts so that you can inspire more stories like the one of Pepper’s, we’ve got a solution for you. From replacement parts to instruction manuals to on-location care, we take pride in providing a full selection of services to anyone operating a vending machine. Whether you just entered the industry or have a bevy of machines to care for, we’re your one-stop service solution.

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